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Sep 20, 2009 11:09 AM

Lunch near Hotel Modera

Any suggestions within a two or three block walk from Hotel Modera on Clay and 5th? We are arriving around lunch time on a Friday...will be famished :) so something close would be good. I know there is a restaurant in the hotel but wondered if there were other options. Any cuisine...any price...

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  1. Higgins is a block away. Sit at the bar...

    1. Why not the restaurant in the hotel? Nel Centro is outstanding.
      Also near there is Heathman & Southpark.

      1. Thanks Kazy Ctn...we loved Higgins! I had corn cakes with black eyed peas, someone had a pork plate with a variety of sausages and pork, others had burgers...nice wine list and good service. Had many excellent meals in Portland. For "deli-starved" Idahoans Roses and Kornblatz helped with corned beef and matzo ball soup!