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Sep 20, 2009 10:04 AM

dried corn husks for tamales in New Haven

I'm looking for dried corn husks to make tamales. I have the impression that I have seen these all over the place, but then when I want to actually buy them - I can't find them anywhere! I live in East Rock and don't have a car. I think I've checked all the obvious places within walking distance of my house and caught a ride to the Stop & Shop in Hamden last weekend and had a friend who was going to Edge of the Woods this morning check there - no luck! Anyone know where I can find these within walking distance of East Rock? Thanks!

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  1. Most things Mexican and Latin can be had all at one place, C-Town in Fairhaven.
    Tons of dry goods and frozen, produce is so-so.
    The corner of Grand Ave. and Ferry St.
    I know the bus goes by there.

    Within walking distance for a really, really long walk.

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      C Town, for sure for all things Latino. While their produce is sometimes iffy there is seldom a better selection. Ferraro's is just down Grand. They have some stuff.

    2. Shaws on Whalley has them in the produce section.