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Sep 20, 2009 09:47 AM

Looking for fresh Flour Tortillas in West LA (?)

Hi all, this is my first post,

I'm looking to buy freshly made FLOUR tortillas to take home on the Westside. Much like the tortillas at Paco's (but they don't sell them separately). Soft doughy and not filled with preservatives like store bought. Just flour, salt, baking powder, water, and lard. To me this makes all the difference in a Mexican meal.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Casablanca - Venice ~ Call and ask if they'll sell you some (you know like a to-go order):

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    1. re: JBC

      thanks! but I called them, and they don't sell them to go.
      I still need to eat there, haven't been yet.

    2. There was a thread about this not too long ago, try searching a bit.

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      1. re: QualityMart

        Were you referring to this thread ?

        It was moved to the General Chowhounding Board, so searching this one would have failed, and is wasn't concerning "FLOUR" tortillas but a Corn & Wheat hybrid.

        1. re: JBC

          No these two:

          (Though no it's not 100% clear which recommendations are for flour vs. corn.)

        2. re: QualityMart

          I did seach, but didn't see any for flour tortillas in West LA.
          feel free to post if you find it.

          1. re: dj food

            You can get fresh - uncooked - flour tortillas at Costco in the refridgerated section. Then you cook them on a griddle or large fry pan when you want them. Very nice, better than storebought - and easier than driving to east LA!

            1. re: happybaker

              They are pretty good but frequently out of stock. That's how it often goes at Costco!

              1. re: happybaker

                The Costco Business Center in Hawthorne has the uncooked tortillas, can't remember the brand. Unfortunately for me, the package qty is too big for my small fridge AND the tortillas are too small. I want small burrito size!

                Anyone know a brand with UNcooked 10" flour tortillas? The brands I've come across in supers are Guerrero and Canasta, 8" size only.

                BTW these 'uncooked' products are really semi-cooked and have the usual list of additives requiring a PhD in chemistry to understand. But they ARE wonderfully thin and non-gummy.

                It is very annoying to me that All of the big local Latino markets have 'house brand' tortillas that have these additives. I say, take the disgusting thawed seafood out of the refer case, clean thoroughly :-) and store Real uncooked tortillas there.

                Also, 'locally' made Diana's tortillas are noticeably fresher at the original Diana's Market in Gardena.

                1. re: DiveFan

                  My grandma was a native Guadalajaran(?), who was yanked out of her native country as a teenager and moved to USA, where no masa was available. Her flour tortillas were things of beauty, slightly thick with charred bits and not perfectly round. Diana's "Tipo Gordita" tortillas are the closest to grandma's I have found. They must be heated directly over an open flame, I do it over a gas range burner on low. Diana's corn tortillas are to my preference also(for machine made), thicker than most and seem to be made from coarser ground corn. Has anyone eaten at a Diana's restaurant? They make such delicious tortillas I would suspect they make other food good as well. As per the website, they have 5 locations around town.

                  1. re: DWB

                    I've been to the Diana's restaurant in Carson. I like it, it's typical cafeteria-style Mexican grub. They make a good wet burrito and their tortillas are fresh. My maternal side of the family is from Jalisco and they all love Diana's tortillas when they are here.

                    1. re: annapurna7

                      We used to go to the one in near Bell all the time... heavy ameri-mex food...


                  2. re: DiveFan

                    Guerrero makes 10" and larger flour tortillas so does Mission. Mission makes flavored ones too . . .

              1. re: apple7blue

                The best flour tortillas I've had are made with lard. I know it sounds scary, but it makes a difference and adds a moist texture to them. And from what I've been told it's how Abuelitas/Grandmas make them.
                Here's a youtube recipe....

                1. re: apple7blue

                  Not all lard is the same. The white bricks at the grocery store are junk. They are best saved for use as an industrial lubricant. The fresh stuff, usually tan in color and often sold in tubs at carnicerias is lovely, really! Always available locally at Vallarta Markets.


                  1. re: apple7blue

                    sel is correct, the freshly rendered lard is the way to go.

                    Unfortunately corporations feel the need to be politically correct and bow down to the vegetarian lobby. Unprocessed lard is no more unhealthy than Most vegetable oils, but that's another topic.

                    1. re: apple7blue

                      Lard scary? Crisco's full of trans-fats.

                      1. re: Akitist

                        Crisco has been reformulated and is now trans-fat free.

                        Still not a health food but fyi.

                        1. re: happybaker

                          Well to be more exact, it has less than 0.5 grams per serving.

                          1. re: taiwanesesmalleats

                            I don't know if lard is scary or bad health wise. I am vegetarian and I pretty well know that corporations are least worried about offending the vegetarian lobby. Most vegetarians can't eat foods that many corporations literally print on the box Suitable for vegetarians . . . I like the non-lard tortillas I eat. Lard just sounds disgusting because it's rendered fat isn't it? . . . I think Chris Rock or some other wit, discussed about how a lot of peoples with poverty in their background eat a lot of 'bad' food, because poverty caused them to be inventive with whatever they had. Maybe there is a better quality alternative to lard? Or maybe lard is best heh, I am not likely to find out the truth definitively because I don't eat it . . .

                    2. They have freshly made flour tortillas at Tacomiendo in Mar Vista. I don't know if they sell them separately.

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                      1. re: annapurna7

                        There's a wonderful Mexican market called Oaxacan Market on the southeast corner of Barrington and National in a mini mall and they have terrific Oaxacan string cheese - and I remember them also selling homemade flour tortillas there. Hope they have what you're looking for!

                        1. re: Bria Silbert

                          Thanks for the info! I think you mean Barrington/McLaughlin & Venice Blvd. (National & Barrington is Whole Foods)
                          I'll definitely check this place out, driven by plenty of times. That would be a great resource!

                          1. re: Bria Silbert

                            thanks for reply, but no luck here either. they only have Guerrero pre-made ones. search continues...

                        2. Anyone else? Fresh made flour tortillas on the Westside to go? (Looking for bbq quantity like 10-25)

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                          1. re: dj food

                            Gelson's and whole foods both carry uncooked tortillas to cook at home. Whole foods are better in my opinion, I think the brand is tortillaland and they come in a orange package in the refrigerated section or sometimes you have to ask as they have them in the back.

                            1. re: m.l.w

                              Tortillaland is the same brand that Costco carries, fyi.