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Sep 20, 2009 08:42 AM

breakfast near the University?

Can you recommend a place to have breakfast (on own) near the University, on weekdays? Hoping for a sausage and egg kind of place (rather than waffles etc). Thank you!

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  1. Which university are you referring to? University of Toronto? This is a board for all of Ontario so there are many. I'm sure people can help you with some good ideas if we can get a little more info :)

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      1. re: angelaangel

        Maybe Over Easy at Bloor and Avenue or New Yorker Deli and Bay and Bloor (if you're near Victoria or on the east side of campus). Tik Talk on Harbord is charming.

        1. re: Rabbit

          Rabbit, please tell me more about Tik Talk...I've walked past many times and wondered about it, but always when I'm on my way somewhere else. I never think to head to Harbord with Tik Talk in mind.

          1. re: Wahooty

            Tik Talk is a decent, casual option around the university. As Cinnamon Girl says, they have nice soups and salads, slightly better-than-average sandwiches. Some baked goods, but not much made on-site (as I recall). Reasonable prices.

            It's cozy-ish inside (brick wall, lots of magazines) and they have a backyard patio. Attracts a student-ish and academic crowd. It's a pleasant spot but I definitely don't want to over-hype and, honestly, I wouldn't send you to Harbord just to check out it. It's not a destination.

            Another breakfast spot I do like near U of T is the Espresso Bar Mercurio... but it's not the eggy kind of spot that the OP requested. Still, nice panini, good espresso and lovely baked goods (many baked on site). Nice atmosphere for sitting or working (including side garden that probably won't be good for too much longer... bloody Canadian winter).

            1. re: Rabbit

              I don't need it to be a destination - "heading to Harbord" is a pretty short haul from my office (one of those pesky academics) and I'm always looking for more soup/salad type places to run to for lunch, which is why I asked to hear more. :) I'll have to stop in sometime when I don't quite feel like walking all the way to DT Bistro or Boulevard. Anyway, apologies for the minor threadjack!

              1. re: Wahooty

                In that case it's a decent option... signed: another pesky academic.

                1. re: Wahooty

                  You've done the Baldwin St. haunts, yes? I must admit to eating one too many buns from Yung Sing during my grad school days...

                  1. re: TorontoJo

                    Definitely done Yung Sing, and probably about half the places on that strip. Not as many as I feel like I should have, though - there really aren't enough days each week where I have the time to go grab a proper, sit down with a glass of wine lunch...although something tells me it might make my late-afternoon lectures more interesting. ;)

                2. re: Rabbit

                  Oh yes - I have to second Espresso Bar Mercurio. Also their other place on the south side of the street: Bar Espesso I think it's called. They have a beautiful patio with enough greenery, and set far enough back from Bloor, that you're not gulping in fumes and shouting over the din. It's on the south-east block of Bloor, a few doors east of St. George and the shoe museum.

              2. re: Rabbit

                I second all of these suggestions. Over Easy and New Yorker are regular breakfast pit stops for me.

                For the Harbord Street area I'd add Chabichou if it's a bowl of cafe au lait and croissant you have a yen for ... also they have a delish croque monsieur which could double for breakfast fare. Haven't been to the Tik Talk in a couple of years and have never had breakfast there. Very nice for lunch though. Good soups and salads. Chabichou is at Borden on the south side of Harbord - just west of Tik Talk.

          2. Mercurio at Bloor and St. George -- they do good coffee and delicious breakfast panini.