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Sep 20, 2009 08:38 AM

Eating in Presque Isle & Caribou, ME

I'm up north here in Presque Isle and Caribou for a week. The pickings are slim! (Ruby Tuesday has been a popular recommendation.)

We had dinner last night at Cafe Soppresso in Presque Isle across from the movie theatre. That was pretty good. Closest to Portland cuisine that I think we're going to get. Nice local greens instead of iceberg lettuce; not too much salt; nice menu selection. Glasses of wine are expensive but they do fill them right up to the brim!

We've eaten a few meals at the Greenhouse Restaurant in the Caribou Convention Center and Inn. Creative menu (yak?) but not terrific execution and lousy, slow service, especially at the price point ($20-$30 entrees).

The Par and Grill served food straight off the Sysco truck.

Any ideas for other good eats in the area? Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Canterbury Royale, in Fort Kent. Fine dining, only two tables per night, multi-course, fixed price. Very European feel. Silver, crystal, fine china, candles. One of the two chef-owners did all the wood carving.

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      I dropped them an email - I'll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!

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        This post was last year, but just to clarify Canterbury Royale is in Fort Fairfield--not Fort Kent. There is quite a difference in miles. Fort Fairfield is about ten miles from Presque Isle whereas Fort Kent is over an hour away! Also, probably wise to call well in advance. All of the food is usually packaged up in doggie bags for the patrons. Pricey, but great for parties of ten or more.

        Canterbury Royale Gourmet Dining Room
        182 Sam Everett Rd, Fort Fairfield, ME 04742

      2. We moved from Presque Isle about six month ago and one of our favorite places was the Irish Setter Pub. Has a great pub feel and great food. Loved the atmosphere.

        1. We also love Fredericks Southside Restaurant in Caribou. The best homemade rolls on earth. Our favorite is their chicken salad sandwich!!! Best little hometown restaurant around. A must try!

          1. Best bet is to cross the border at Fort Fairfield and head over to the Castle Inn at Perth-Andover. (P-A is12 miles from Fort Fairfield via Route 167.) The Castle Inn has an English country house hotel atmosphere, with a serious chef/manager, a Scotsman.

            1. when I'm up that way I like to catch lunch at Reno's in Caribou. Not gourmet, but good, old fashioned diner-type food.