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Sep 20, 2009 07:17 AM

Best Food in Paris - Gastronomy Tour in 4 1/2 Days!


My boyfriend and I will be visiting for a few days in October. We plan to do a lot of sightseeing, but also intend to satify our love of great food!

What are your MUST-TRY or FAVORITE: (1) special occasion restaurants; (2) cafes; (3); bakeries; (4) fromageries; (5) dessert shops; (6) street stands; and (7) markets to pick up picnic foods.

We're trying to conserve cash, but are willing to splurge if the food is worth it!

Also, we'll be staying at an apt on Rue de Passy & Rue to Jean Bologne in the 16th arr.

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    1. 1)Le Cinq 2)Au Dernier Métro 3)e.Mayeur 4)Dubois 5)Génin 6)Nope 7)Bastille (thu, sun) or Poncelet (tue-sun morning)

      You're next to the best fish shop in town, Christophe inside the covered market.

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        (3) Du Pain et des Idées actually lived up to all the hype. We went there every other day during our August visit even though it took almost 45 min by metro to get there from our apartment. My companion thinks their pain des amis is one of the best bread he's ever had. And their mini-pavés and chausson à la pomme fraîche...I am returning to Paris in two weeks but it's just not soon enough. :'(

        (4) Dubois

        (7) Marché Raspail on Tuesday for the olive man who remembered what we bought from him 3 months ago. His anchovy-stuffed olives are delicious and so is everything else he has. He isn't cheap though and we normally spend around 40 euros on olives, artichokes, spreads, pistachios, etc.

      2. 2) Le Nemrod, Le Sancerre, Au Savignon
        3) Delmontel, Gerard Mulot
        4) Dubois
        5) Pain du Sucre, Des Gateaux et du Pain, Ble Sucre
        7)) President Wilson Marche (16th) on Wed. and Sat. (esp. for Joel Thiebault vegetables -- I have compared and for me, they are in fact the best

        1. 1) L'Ambroisie
          4) Alléosse (try their untraditional specialty blue cheese made with fruits, nuts and liquor!), Barthélémy
          5) Michel Chaudun (chocolates only, no pastries)

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            Alléosse's specialty blue cheese is called "mystère ambert artis" on my cash register receipt (short for "artisanal" I presume).