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Sep 20, 2009 05:05 AM

any good food all-inclusives in playa del carmen or around?

Hi, as a part of my vacation in Mexico, I would like to spend a short week in an all-inclusive resort at Playa del Carmen, but would consider all surrounding beach areas. However, I would like to pick one with good food (even though my main reasons for an all-inlusive are the coctails and the fact that I dont have to go outside my hotel to get to the beach or to the restaurant). Money is not an object, although I like to get a good price to value ratio :-)
Please help me here, I am aware that it is difficult.
Thank you very much!

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  1. Maroma is the best of the best, by a country mile. But it's pricey. The rest (and there are so many now, I barely know half of them) have food that will wear you out in a week. Akumal and Puerto Aventuras are viable options for lodging without meals, but with good food within walking distance. Tulum, too, but It's a little odd. The Pelicano Hotel in Playa is on the beach, deliciously central, and there are 5 times the number of restaurants within walking distance than you can visit in a week.

    1. i stayed at the royal del carmen 1 1/2 year ago, food was much better that what you usually get at an all-inclusive and service was excellent, if that's helpful...

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        thank you very much. I am also looking into Grand Velas, their sister property on the west coast seems to be very good on food.

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          hi Sasicka - had you made a choice at all? I am looking for a place in that area for my honeymoon in March, and am leaning towards all-inclusives for the convenience reasons - similar to you. Thanks!

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            I guess I will be staying at the Royal although I would much more prefer the Grand Velas (even though I have not received any input on that one). However, they did not answer any of my mails regarding discounting their internet rates and I am not paying over 1000 dollars for any room in the world. The Royal have much more reasonable prices.

            1. re: sasicka

              Yeah 1000 is a bit much, I do agree. I was also leaning towards the Royal out of the options in that area. Might try to do a few nights there and a few nights at a resort that isnt all inclusive - perhaps in Tulum - so I can try some of the non-resort food.

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                We stayed at Zoetry over the summer and found the food to be very good. Not only is everything cooked to order but they have their own organic garden. I don't think you'll do much better....

                1. re: Oakland Barb

                  Thanks so much for recommending Zoetry, as it had not yet been on my radar. Place looks fabulous! (food and otherwise)

                  1. re: metfan630

                    Yeah, I think I will look into Zoetry as well. It does look very good food-wise. Thank you very much!

              2. re: sasicka

                I just booked Grand Velas for next March. It's gotten some pretty amazing reviews on Trip Advisor. We too never stay at All Inclusives and care a lot about our food so we're curious to see how this trip goes. For whatever it's worth, when I called the hotel (they have a 1-800 number), their staff was more than happy to answer any questions of mine. The rate is pretty steep (though not $1000/night!) - a few hundred more than the Royal - but to me it looks much nicer and thus worth the money. Also, I'm hoping that by March the price goes down if their occupancy rates remain low. Have a nice trip!

                1. re: mla19

                  right, I am going during the top season - for the New Years Eve, so the prices are really steep. I was offered a discount at the Grand Velas for $2,600 per night for one of their better rooms! the cheek!

        2. I stayed at El Dorado Royale for my honeymoon and the food was outstanding. Several different restaurants including a fantastic Italian and gourmet Mexican. Very clean place with great staff. Highly recommend.

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            There are some great places to stay right in town where you would not have to walk far for food or drinks. Shangri la Caribe, Las Palapas, Playa Maya, Mimi del Mar and others. Head to the Mega store to stock up on beer, water and tequila. Best breakfast at La Cueva del Chango and so many great places to eat.
            In Tulum, beachfront cabanas like La Zebra are heaven to me.
            Maroma Resort and Spa is not AI but the food is supposed to be fab.

            AI hotels with good food reps:
            Le Blanc
            Secrets Maroma Beach
            Grand Velas
            Zoetry Paraiso (now allows children)

            I had never been to an AI before, we recently went to SMB. I was surprised to see chilaquiles at breakfast, a pork spit at the pool and tixnic xic fish at lunch. In general, the food was better than I expected. :) CW

          2. I stayed at Royal Hideaway and the food was so good you would never guess it was an all inclusive. No buffet style - these are real sit down meals with menus and delicious food! Plus the beach is amazing.

            1. I think you've already booked, but for future reference...the Royal Hideaway Playacar has pretty amazing food. The only buffet is breakfast which is extensive (and if you hate that idea, they offer a "sit down" breakfast in another location). The other restaurants are each unique and delicious.