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Sep 19, 2009 11:16 PM

Moon cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival [Minneapolis]

Any one know a place to buy moon cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival. Need recs for good Chinese bakery in Mineapolis.

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  1. Not in Minneapolis, but in neighboring St. Paul, I've had good luck with Bravo Bakery's.

    I don't see them on their website right now, but I've always ordered them in advance. Good luck!


    1. I bought some the other day at Keefer Court Bakery Cafe on the corner of Cedar Ave and Riverside Ave in Mpls. They had a good variety: red bean paste, lotus seed paste, green bean paste, and nuts. If my memory is correct, they make red bean and lotus seed ones with 1 yolk, 2 yolks and without.

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        Went to Keefer Court two days ago and had the red bean cake (without yolk). Liked it a lot and am going back to try the lotus paste and the nuts. Not sure about green beans as a filling - has anyone tried this version?


        1. re: AnneInMpls


          Sorry, "green bean paste" is not made with green beans as in skinny, long, green veg! The "green bean" in green bean paste refers to green-colored legume. Funny how I am realizing for the first time that, to those who are not familiar with the stuff, "green bean paste" does sound like cooked down green beans. That will not make a tasty filling for moon cakes!

          1. re: Ms. Fennelbulb

            Thanks for the info! I asked at the bakery today, as I was buying a lotus paste mooncake, and they laughed and said what you did. I think it's because I was eating their stir-fried green beans (string beans) when I saw the mooncakes... That's my excuse, at least!

            Ummm, I don't know about white mooncakes. The ones I saw are all the same color - baked to a golden brown - with fillings as explained above (red bean, lotus paste, green bean, and nuts, all available with or without egg yolk).

            But you could always call and ask - perhaps they do special orders.


          2. re: AnneInMpls

            Anne, mung beans are called green beans in chinese (at least cantonese). there's another name for (western) green beans. and i'd eating mung bean paste before and like it.

            do they have any moon cake with the white ("icy" - not cold at all, just want it's called) mooncake?

            1. re: Ummm

              Dear Ummm,

              My husband is an American-born Cantonese and I can read some Chinese characters. But, I am not familiar with "white" moon cakes and neither is he. Can you describe them?

              1. re: Ms. Fennelbulb

                It is 冰皮月餅 - copied from wikipedia: Glutinous rice: A crust with texture similar to that of a mochi. These moon cakes are known colloquially as "snowskin mooncakes" or "ice-skin mooncakes" (冰皮 or 冰皮月餅).

                here is a pic:

                have you ever have hong kong style 香蕉糕 (wouldn't know what it's called in english... banana something?) it's a bit like that texture rice but not really banana flavored.

                i like it better than traditional mooncake because i like the soft chewy texture :)

                1. re: Ummm


                  Thank you for the information about the "ice-skin" moon cakes. I learned something new! Unfortunately, Keefer Court does not carry them. As for the banana-flavored sweets, Keefer Court has log-shaped sweets made of pounded, sticky rice. I don't know what they are called in English or Chinese. They are faintly sweet and have a distinct (artificial) banana flavor.

                  1. re: Ms. Fennelbulb

                    The banana-flavored log could well be the banana flavored sweets I mentioned (usually it's rolled up in log shape.) And you're right it's artificial flavor (or banana extract/oil or something) since I don't recall them tasting anything like western banana desserts.

                    Too bad I'm too far away (Rochester) to check it out!

        2. I saw some at United Noodle the other day. Also, some of the Asian Grocery Stores on University Ave in Saint Paul might carry them.