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Sep 19, 2009 09:15 PM

Where did all the Karahi/Indian Woks go?

I bought a Calphalon Karahi/Indian Wok about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, a friend, thinking he was doing me a favor washing up after a dinner party, used wire wool and scraped off some of the surface of the base of the pan. Calphalon no longer sells the product, but I cannot even find a good Karahi alternative (high quality). Even All-Clad and Le Creuset's versions have been discontinued. I've googled and found reference to all of the above, but as soon as I link to the site, there's nothing. And yet, I see that Indian Cuisine is more popular than ever -- perhaps only in restaurants!! I would be ecstatic for any info on where I could find any of the above or a similar high quality alternative. Thanks.

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  1. Indian grocery stores have non-coated aluminum or steel karahis. I personally prefer brass with Ni plating . The best karahis ( & handis) I have are the ones I brought back from India.
    Where are you located ?

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      I'm in SF (but British). I've come across the aluminium ones but there are too many health issues with the metal. And the stainless steel ones in Indian grocery stores seem too flimsy. I'll have to do what you have done, and try from India. Thanks for your advice.

      1. re: Taffyjer

        There are no health issues with aluminum.

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            There are some stores in Santa Clara on ElCamino Real, which have heavy bottom thick karahis. I do not like the stainless-steel ones but dig iron ( actually high carbon steel) which are usually black in color.Try Bharat Bazaar and New India Bazaar . If you need something for shallow frying / sauteing only, go for a deep , very heavy iron tava.

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              Thanks so much. Really appreciate your advice. I get to Santa Clara quite a lot for work. So now I'll take a side trip. Cheers!

          2. re: Joe Blowe

            If you are concerned about aluminum, stop using get far more from that than your pans..

            1. re: grant.cook

              I assume you're responding to Taffyjer; and, yes, I agree with you.

              The OP should also avoid restaurants. Guess what type of cookware they're using? (Hint: it ain't All-Clad!)

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                What about soft drinks? Aren't soft drink can made out of aluminum?

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                  OK, I get the hint. Didn't mean to upset so many aluminium fans. Surprised my spelling didn't get shot down, too ;-)

                  I guess the rumour stuck with me more than others. Although, fascinating metal. Just read up on wiki about it. Napolean III prized it more than gold. Only his very special guests got to eat from utensils made from it.

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                    "What about soft drinks? Aren't soft drink can made out of aluminum?"

                    Soda and Beer cans are lined with plastic just like vegetable cans.

          3. I think the all clad version is still available-


            I have my eye on this as well (though i don't have the storage room!)

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              Thanks qwerty. I saw that one, only it seems a lot smaller -- just 10". The old one was 13". I even tried through Australia where it was still available until last year. Only for some reason they wouldn't mail it to me despite my offering to pay whatever it cost (and the pan was much cheaper, too).

            2. I, too have been looking for this item. I placed an order at my local and very excellent kitchen shop and have been getting the runaround for two months. It was to be a wedding gift. I went to the All-Clad site and it lists the Karahi as a new product. Have you found it yet? I really want this for my friend, tried buying local, but will now buy from anywhere.

              1. Does anyone know what the Le Creuset karahi set costs (if you can find one)? Or what it DID cost? Thank you!

                1. In you profile if you give your location it will help people help you. Here in Toronto we have a 'Little India'. They have plenty of karahis at the cookware shops. You can always recognise them as you drive past; they have alumin(i)um cooking pots that range in size from 'normal' to a bathtub.

                  The Nickel coated brass ones are readily available at our local spots.