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Sep 19, 2009 07:41 PM

Sick of all food and need a jumpstart

Hello everyone,
Just had an uninspiring lunch today, and realized how blah I find food lately. I've gone through a hard past few months for many reasons and lost 20 pounds out of becoming uninterested in food, so I thought I'd hit Chowhound and ask for suggestions of places I should go to try to jumpstart my appetite. I am also sick of my own cooking (will be looking into taking cooking classes).

I used to love food, and some of the restaurants I've liked include Toraya (though I don't eat sushi), Campania, the fries at Sel de la Terre, the cod at Big Fresh in Natick, and I still miss Viet's Cafe.

Someplace within driving distance of Arllington, Lexington and friendly to solo diners would be great. I'm looking for simply prepared, not spicy, cheese-less food, not a fussy atmosphere. A place that serves great (cooked) fish would be a plus, but at this point I'd take a well-made sandwich.

Many thanks.

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  1. Hmm..sorry to hear about your hard times, but maybe a change in circumstances is what you need the most? Not sure what's happening in your life now, but without getting too personal, getting yourself healthy emotionally, mentally will bring back your appetite!

    I've found incorporating exercise helps clear the mind and stimulate the appetite. A good morning workout will reve up your metabolism and good way to work up an appetite.

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      I like burlgurl's reply a lot... Exercise (especially running after my dog) stimulates my appetite when I'm feeling down like nothing else. There's something wonderfully, primitively satisfying about running/sweating your way to exhaustion/peace/hunger.

      After that, maybe you'd like a bowl of pho. It tastes like comfort in a bowl. In Allston, there is a pretty good place called Pho Viet that shouldn't be more than a half hour drive away.

      Please be well, taterjane.

    2. Let me be blunt - the fact that you've made it through hard times and are looking for pleasure is a good thing, and a positive sign. I'm sure you are aware that enjoyment (of food, and life) comes not from the object or immersion, but yourself. Simplify. Breathe. In and out - yeah, you do that anyway, but watch the cycle/circle. Food is of the same circle - makes you closer to the gound beneath your feet, the planet, the universe, and all that stuff ;-)

      Enough philosophy - like the nfads said, "i like to feel the food in my guts" so go grab a sandwich at Dominic's in Waltham, sit outside on the sidewalk, and simply enjoy being alive.

      1. I've been there. The last time I needed such a jumpstart I said to a friend, "I just want someplace *tasty*." The friend recommended The Helmand in Cambridge. Tasty indeed.

        1. I'll put in a plug for cooking. I love the process of going to the market (maybe a new one) and getting stuff - with a recipe in mind or buying what looks good and subsequently finding a recipe. I once lived where there was a great market district, I used to buy a bunch of new stuff Saturday mornings and go to the library in the afternoon to research recipes. Then I'd have fun cooking things up that evening, accompanied by new bottle of wine. I just saw an easy recipe for shrimp scampi here on Chowhound, that's a great dish.

          For restaurants I'm challenged as I like sushi and spicy, but I'll recommend the group of Japanese restaurants at Porter Square.

          I love Japanese food, it's not all sushi, and would recommend taking a Japanese cooking class. Here's an interesting website by a Japanese lady who posts what she cooks each day, good recipes too:


          1. I've always found that cooking requires a higher emotional investment than takeout, but pays off much, much more.

            But to answer your question: I love eating out alone (took me years to learn how) and some of my suggestions for solo dining in Arl-ish areas include Flora, Sabur, Guru, Gargoyles (all at the bar when available).

            They don't have a bar, but I go to Pescatore by myself for simple fish, not screwed up.

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              Ditto Pescatore. Really delicious, simple food.

              158 Boston Ave, Somerville, MA 02144

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                Third. Although the specials can occasionally be overly fussy/cliched, or dull (and ask the price). Also consider Gran Gusto. Both are fine for solo (but I never go at peak times). Also I've never managed to do the Cookbook of the Month on Home Cooking, at least on schedule, but it's a great idea.