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Sep 19, 2009 06:46 PM

Mexican shrimp in green sauce North Denver

Went to a great Mexican restaurant just off I-25 in north Denver about a year ago and had amazing shrimp in green sauce. I would like to relive the experience but have no idea of the restaurant's name. Any suggestions?

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  1. The only thing I can think of that would qualify is Rosa Linda.

    1. Possibly you went to El Padrino at I-70 & Federal. Before it was El Padrino it was Las Palmeras if that helps. Both incarnations very good but very un-reliable if that makes sense. When it was good, it was extremely satisfying... when it wasn't... horrid service and half-assed cooking. I lived one block away and ate their many, many times from '97 - 2004.

      Current Menu:

      at the bottom they have some of their shrimp dishes.

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        Wow, never heard of the been back since 04?

      2. Okay, so, I haven't been to Denver in over 10 years, and I never had shrimp in green sauce while I was there. But, I have been investigating the Mexican seafood scene, here, in Phoenix, and my favorite dish is a shrimp in green sauce dish called Camarones Culichi. Every place I've had it, in Phoenix had the word " Mariscos" in the restaurant name, of which there looks to be many in Denver. I don't see this item on the menu of either of the responses, so far. Sorry to be the smart aleck from out of town, but, this is worth tracking down, based on my experience.

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          I'm not sure what you're saying—are you saying that from among dishes featuring shrimp in green sauce, the best one is camarones culichi? B/c there is shrimp and green sauce on the Rosa Linda menu.

          I've never been to RL, mind you, so I've got no real cause to defend it, just noting that Camarones Ranchero is indeed on the menu, listed as shrimp braised in green chile. The same dish name appears on the menu e_bone linked to.

          1. re: tatamagouche

            It is Rosa Linda! Thank you so much for your help. Such good shrimp....