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Sep 19, 2009 06:08 PM

Dinner in Bed Stuy/Clinton Hill

Hi all,
In search of a place with good food for dinner (possibly also a lunch, or a post-dinner hangout for drinks) near Pratt Institute, but to the southeast of it, say along Franklin Av between Lafayette Av and Fulton St.
This would be for a Friday night.
Any cuisines. Hipster-y (but not hipsterer-than-thou) places welcomed. You know, cheap, unfancy, but good.
Apologies if I'm a little hazy on the neighborhood boundaries.
Or, do you think would it just be best to head out of the area on the G to Boerum Hill and eat over there? Judging from my last trip to the area, I would say yes, but it has been a while.

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  1. Umi Nom.. on DeKalb Ave. at Classon Ave... My boyfriend and I have been there three times now. Delicious food, very hospitable service (the owner makes the rounds to all the tables, with a huge warm smile), BYOB, and extremely reasonable pricing ($50.00 for four heaping-portion plates and rice). It's the sister restaurat of Kuma Inn in the LES.
    yum yum yum yum yum yum

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    1. re: ShanDeez

      must haves? must avoids? fill us in; most reviews pan the place but i'm seeking the gems.

      1. re: bigjeff

        the adobo pork is on the specials menu regularly. if it is when you visit, place an order! The shrimp are wonderful - in particular, the sauce stands out. It's so good make sure to oder some sticky rice to soak it all up. last week we went, we had a crab special that was delicious. messy too, so be forewarned. the sausage is yummy. the beef noodles was light, with lots of flavor. wouldn't order the bok choy again. haven't had too many dishes that weren't delicious. have fun, lemme know what you think (if you havent already been - sorry about the delay in my report!)

        1. re: ShanDeez

          thanks, did end up eating there a few weeks after i put that initial query; thoughts here:

          thanks for your input as well; adobo pork eh? nice and sour? and crab served in the shell, can you elaborate?

    2. Haven't been to Umi Nom but have heard good things.

      However, I can strongly recommend Le Grand Dakar, African-influenced cuisine, on the corner of Grand and Clifton, just south of Lafayette, right in the area you want. The food is absolutely fantastic, the vibe laid back and friendly, never too crowded, and best of all, cheap. No credit cards accepted right now.

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      1. re: bultrey

        Went there last night and had a really nice dinner.. I suggest the Okra Seafood Gumbo.

        1. re: Daniel76

          Did you try the Paris Dakar? It's a mango and apple tart that is beyond delicious. I've been there several times and the food is always light and perfectly seasoned. I wish Le Grand Dakar got more attention on this board. It's been consistently good since it opened a few years ago.

        2. re: bultrey

          Funny--just last night I was at an event that they catered. It was all hors d'oeuvres, but everything was delicious. Favorite was a garlicky and mildly spicy lamb-stuffed date, which were crumb-coated and fried. I ate a ridiculous number of them. Don't know if they show up on the regular menu.

          Cuisine is pretty much straight out of Senegal--not pan-African or African-influenced by the way.