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Sep 19, 2009 06:01 PM

Organic whipping cream

From what I understand, heavy cream in the US is just high fat cream (36%) and US whipping cream has additives; in Canada, we only have whipping cream (with additives). But, when checking out Organic Meadow whipping cream, it seems to only list organic cream under ingredients, so that sounds like a good thing to me. I've been on the look out for a good price, or other brands . . . I'd like to try making butter and also use it in some ice cream recipes, so I will be buying a lot, and at around $6 per 500 mL, that's a big chunk of change! I'm hoping the CHers will have some ideas for me! Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. harmony also makes an organic whipping cream, it's about the same price range.

      i do however prefer organic foods, for the soul reason that the foods are not genetically modified, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides or chemicals in general added to them! but then again i do also practice eating locally and in season, reducing my carbon footprint. it's expensive for a farmer to produce organically grown produce when they have to use naturally sound forms of keeping pests away. so i personally do not have a problem paying a little extra for their hard work to keep city dwellers like my family fed. it may not be nutritionally better for you but it doesn't have all of the crap that's watering down the flavour of produce nor helping produce have a longer shelf life than god intended.

      so i don't personally think it's a waste of money per se, however i do agree it is costly and this is why our family has decided to cut certain things out of our lives to maintain this lifestyle we've reverted back to...

      1. I do not agree with the previous poster at all. Organic products are not a waste of money. I think that whatever we can do to reduce the toxic soup that we live eat and breathe is worthwhile. Anyway... my understanding is that Hewitt's Dairy does not give their cows growth hormones. So, while the cows may not live entirely organically (consume organic feed etc.), so to speak, their milk is not going to contain a lot of the stuff that conventional milk does - or so I have been led to believe. I don't have a carton in front of me so I cannot confirm that nothing else is added, but it would surprise me. It would probably be worthwhile to email the dairy to confirm what I have said. Their products may be a little more than grocery store brands and not as widely available (I get mine at the Big Carrot and some Indian groceries near me), but they are less expensive than organic and buying them supports a family-owned local farm.

        p.s. I whipped cream into butter once and it took quite a while. It was fun to try the one time but not so fun that I would do it again. I remember being a little surprised at how little it made, I think.

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          Growth hormones are not allowed in Canada.

          1. re: jayt90

            I just did a quick search to clarify it for myself and the Health Canada website lists six "hormonal growth promoters" that are approved for use in the Canadian and American cattle. What am I missing (real question?)

            1. re: lucywinchester

              Hewitt's dairy cows are not given growth hormones (rBST) because they are illegal in Canada, just as for every other dairy herd in the country. The hormones are allowed in the U.S., but not in Europe.
              The hormones you refer to are only for beef cattle.

        2. Hewitt's doesn't make any "organic" claims, but their whipping cream has no additives and isn't UHT. I find that it tastes better than other brands.

          You do need to remember that non UHT cream doesn't last long. Hewitt's will spoil within days of the expiry date, even if handled perfectly and often if it hasn't been opened. The UHT brands can last for months.

          I have found that Organic Meadow products are often spoiled when first opened, well before their expiry date. I no longer buy them. I think Harmony is a Hewitt's product. Neither Organic Meadow nor Harmony tastes particularly special.

          Remember that "organic" cream can be UHT Pasteurized and can contain all of the additives commonly used in UHT cream.