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Sep 19, 2009 05:22 PM

Jury Duty in Downtown Miami

Any ideas near the Courthouse for those lucky enough to have been honored by the Socialist, commie loving, secret Islamic brotherhood government?

Just kidding but where can I go for lunch!

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  1. I work downtown. There's a courtyard on s.e. First Street - almost behind Macys. Nice little Thai place - Thai Angel it's called. Also a middle eastern place in the plaza. If you have time there's a place called Ceviche - awesome.

    1. My favorite place downtown is Stoupsys for Greek but it's on the opposite side of downtown from the courthouse (on the east end near Biscayne). Over on the west side of downtown right across from the courthouse there's La Loggia for passable Italian. Cacique for Cuban food probably won't kill you.

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        The Thai place is pretty good, but without a/c, way too hot until probably November. I hope they make it. I work close to the courthouse, but there really isn't much too closeby. Frod is right about La Loggia. Also, right down the street is Mezza. The food there is good and it's not too far. It's down the "hallway", right next door to the Italian restaurant which has a third new name that I can't remember. You'll recognize it by the girl du jour hawking something on the street. The Filling Station is not too far a walk and they have really good burgers and salads.

        1. re: pilches

          Agreed on La Loggia and Stoupsys (which is probably about a 7 minute walk from the courthouse). The chicken milanese and chicken parm @ La Loggia are pretty good and large portions.

        2. re: Frodnesor

          Wow! Great endorsement for Cacique! I should prepare to pack a lunch!

          1. re: taiga

            I actually ate at Cacique every couple weeks when I was working on that side of downtown.