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Sep 19, 2009 04:56 PM

Jai Shri Krishna - Vegetarian Indian at Turnpike Lane

Ate here today at lunch w/ two friends - very friendly service and very reasonably priced at lunch.

Friends both had the thali, which at lunch is only £3.50 - includes 3 puri or chapati, pappadam w/ mango chutney, yogurt, rice, three veg dishes and a small salad and a sweet. Very good deal for the price, since it was a lot of food. The three dishes today were dahl, black-eyed-peas, and a mixture of eggplant (and some other vegetables, but I don't know what). The eggplant dish was, in my opinion, by far the best. Really tasty. The other two were nothing special. One friend requested a chickpea curry instead of the black eyed peas, and the nice waiter (and owner?) said this was fine. I didn't think it was any better or worse than the chickpeas.

Meanwhile, I had the masala dosa. It was good - and also priced nicely at £2.99 at lunch. Filling was fine, sambar was OK, dosa itself wasn't as crispy as I usually like, and I forgot to notice whether there is a different option for paper dosa, which I'd probably like better. But again, a good deal.

So, probably nothing to go out of your way for, but if you want some pretty decent good veg. Indian near Turnpike Lane, then it's worth a try. The owner is Gujarati, and I wasn't sure how much of a Gujarati influence there was in the curries - I don't know enough about Gujarati food to know. But I am quite interested in exploring the menu further, and it seemed like the owner would be willing to help point me in the direction of any house specialties.

Dave MP

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  1. Cool, good to hear! Have you had a look at Chez Liline down the street? Really enjoyed their Mauritian-influenced seafood but it's been a while since I've been back.

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      I've seen it, but haven't been there yet! I'll add it to the list

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        Chez Liline is down the road from Jai Krishna on Stroud Green Road. Jai Sri Krishna is on Turnpike Lane

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          Many thanks for the correction -- I had missed that completely!