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Sep 19, 2009 04:12 PM

Father and Son in Seattle for Weekend!! Where to eat?

My dad and I will be in Seattle next Friday through Monday. We are staying without a car downtown at the Renissance Hotel. We are traveling from Chicago and want to eat like the locals. Where are the best places/values for local seafood. Where should we eat at Pike Place? Not looking for fine dining just good food.

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  1. How do you feel about taking a food tour? I was in Seattle for the first time last May and I will be back next week. (I LOVE Seattle!)
    I took 2 of the Savor Seattle Tours (The Gourmet Tour and The Pike Market Tour) and I loved it so much I am signed up for their Coffee and Chocolate Tour and Off the Beaten Path Pike Mrkt Tour)

    It is a GREAT TOUR! You get to taste a lot of food - and I am not talking "grocery store sample sizes" here. It really is enough for a meal ... and you get to taste many different places. The best part is that they give you a discount card so you will get 10% off at all the places you went to (as well as merchants featured on their other tours.)
    Gelatiamo was on the Gourmet Seattle tour ... The BEST Gelato I ever had. (EVER!


    Not on the tour, but a not to be missed is Salumi in Pioneer Square. It is very easy to get to by public transit. (Just Google Map it - and choose directions using "public transit") I had the porchetta sandwich - it was HEAVENLY!

    I never made it to Paseo - will do that for sure this time. I heard it is also a "not to be missed"

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      Thanks Boisenewbie. That sounds like a great idea. Which tour was the most unique?

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        If you can only do 1 tour then I would go with the Gourmet Tour because you go to more restaurants (and you might find a place you want to go back to for dinner) ... but it is a tough call. I am looking forward to the Coffee and Chocolate tour I signed up for. With that one they take you up to the Space Needle restaurant and you have ribs crusted with coffee (or something like that) Mmmm!!

    2. LLLI, Seattle's International District should be your first Chowhound destination and is just a short cab ride away.The Szechuan crab at Seven Stars Restauant is an amazing food experience. (Try some of the hand-made noodle dishes as well.) Also recommended are Tamarand Tree, Green Leaf and Hing Loon. (Which looks just like your 5th grade lunch room but has great food. Try the salt and pepper pork ribs and the shrimp Won Ton soup.) Next visit the upstairs bar at Maximilllen's at the Market and order the mussels. For breakfast try Tom's Big Breakfast at LOLA. Also recommended is the Palace Kitchen--especially for serious grazing. The tapas at Txori will be impossible for you to describe back home --just do the best you can. Enjoy the Emerald City!

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        Breakfast is the only thing you should have at Lola, LLILI. Tom Douglas does a good breakfast here, but this restaurant is the worst in his conglomerate. Try Tulio's or The Brooklyn for dinners..

      2. Just got back from SEA last weekend and absolutely LOVED Elliott's Oyster House. They have some 25 varieties of oysters and have happy hour w/$0.50 oysters. Do a search on oysters on this board & you'll come up with a few great oyster posts.

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          Thanks for all the recs I am looking forward to eating my way through Seattle.