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Sep 19, 2009 04:08 PM

Finding Passionfruit pulp in NH

I have just finished the last of the Goya passionfruit pulp I bought at a Brazilian market on Martha's Vineyard, and I must have more! Does anyone know of any lao markets in Seacoast NH or So. Maine?

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  1. I don't know if you have any ShopRite supermkts in your area - that's where I buy it here in SW CT, in the freezer section.
    I do agree, it is a lovely and addictive product! I use it for homemade gelato, creme caramel, I add a splash to some coffee cakes batter (eg when I make a cake with mango) and, trust me on this, try adding a splash to your simmering strawberries if you make strawberry jam...delicious!!

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    1. re: Cuoca milanese

      I use it in salad dressing. Some mango, cilantro, passionfruit, ginger, something spicy, a little olive oil and some water. Amazing.

      1. re: catzen

        Catzen, what a great idea! To use it in a salad dressing, in place of the citrus (I usually use lemon with extra virgin olive oil, not vinegar). I also love Asian inspired salads - I am soo going to try it!
        Btw, if you don't have a ShopRite in your area, have you tried a) the Goya website, for a distributor/retailers list b) a hispanic market near you (the ShopRite where I find it is in a nearby town with a large hispanic community - always a guarantee to find a great variety of fruit/produce items, meat cuts and seafood species not commonly found in grocery stores!)