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Sep 19, 2009 03:46 PM


Does anyone know where to you can find a nice, aged cachaca, anywhere in the five boroughs?

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  1. Not sure about the 'nice, aged' part but they had several cachacas on hand last time I visited Grand Wine & Liquor on 31st Street in Astoria (which has a sizeable Brazilian community as you may know). I'd give them a call and check.

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    1. This is a copy of a comment I posted elsewhere on Chowhound. I don't know about the five boroughs, but Newark does have some decent Minas Cachacas available:

      Meia Lua and Beleza de Minas are available at liquor stores in Newark's Ironbound. I think the ones I saw them in are the Lisbon Liquor Store 114 Ferry St, Newark, NJ 07105 and Oporto Wines & Liquors 178 Ferry Street, Newark, NJ (973) 589-3325.

      I bought a bottle of Meia Lua Gold at Oporto ($20) and it was quite good. It's aged two years in balsam and is a reasonably good example of a good Minas cachaca. It's very drinkable straight.

      When I go back I will get the gold Cachaca de Minas. This one's from the same manufacturer. It differs from Meia Lua in at least one important aspect: it's aged two years in Umburana wood instead of balsam. which should give it a different flavor.

      If you're interested the website for the Cachaca is here (in Portuguese):

      The distributor is here:

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        Thank you for the info.

        I have looked almost all over <didint check EWR tho'> looking for Sagativa cachaca, doesn't even show up in any of those liquor brands books they have around. I did manage to find LeBron which is very good at one of the local liquor stores.

      2. The Brazen Head at 228 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn now carries Beleza de Minas artisanal cachacas. These are "cachacas de Minas" made in a small alembic (pot still). Two varieties are available, silver and gold. The gold is aged in umburana wood giving it a very distinctive flavor and smoothness. Minas refers to Minas Girais, the Brazilian state noted for having the best cachacas. Thanks to Lou Sones of the Brazen head for working hard to get these items in.