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Sep 19, 2009 03:24 PM

not so into blue plate oysterette

went to BPO for a bite. there were no seats outside, so we sent inside. yikes! it is rather cramped, smells of fish, and feels like a musty eighty degrees.

sit at a table toward the back. server comes promptly. we ordered some beers (no liquor) and clam chowder to start and see where we go from there. they brought out these pots of chowder (with handle) about 1/4 full. literally. i think there may have been 1/2 - 3/4 cup of soup in this pot. the soup was ok. nice and creamy, but no real punch. i think the clam chowder at santa monica seafood is much better. also, they sprinkled fresh herbs on the top - which is nice to look at, but overpowered any taste that the chowder might have had.

the oysters looked good - but it was so hot and smelly and the prices are not low - so we moved on.

i'll end with - i don't usually agree with the la times reviews. i didn't read the review this week, but another diner did and said that the reviewer said good things. again - if that's true (i don't know) - she's wrong. this place would have to cut its prices by half to make it visit-worthy. windows, fans, or a decent a/c system would make it better -- but then i'd have to get over the cramped factor.

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  1. Had Oysters and some food this week but was lucky enough to score the corner table outside and as I passed through the room towards the restrooms in back I had the thought that you experienced, I was lucky.
    I enjoyed the chowder and oysters we had but may have been seduced by the sunset, hehe.
    I like the place but only if you sit outside inside felt cramped and stuffy .
    Beyond me why they did not put more windows in for fresh ocean air.

    1. Considering that the SM Seafood chowder is rather lousy I know not to go here. Thanks for the warning. I'm going to Maine instead.

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      1. re: epop

        Went to Santa Monica Seafood-on Wilshire at the new location-
        it now has a cafe-
        Very disappointing-I like the old place better and the cafe food stinks.
        The chowder was just so-so- as well as over-priced. There was bad service.
        and the ambience lame-
        Just go to the fish counter grab some fish and take it home- like I was planning on doing-

        1. re: kandykane

          The strange thing is the line as about as long as McDonald's. Lousy. People don't know better anymore.