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Sep 19, 2009 02:43 PM

Kaiseki Style

I love Kyo ya, Kai (if they are still open) used to be only kaiseki place around, a rip off and not that good. Any recs on a kaiseki style restaurant. I've had true kaiseki in Japan in Kyoto , nothing has matched that. But i'm in the mood for something reminiscent of it

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  1. Sugiyama is probably the most venerable kaiseki restaurant in NYC. Dinner prices can be moderate if you opt for the simpler options, but it can easily approach $150-200 per person with the more involved menus.

    There are two relative newcomers as well, Rosanjin and Kajitsu. I've heard both are excellent. Rosanjin is expensive, with kaiseki menus priced at $120, $150, and $200. NB: Kajitsu serves shojin ryori, so the menu is entirely vegetarian.

    1. The Kitano hotel's restaurant offers a kaiseki dinner. See this link:

      1. We have been twice to Rosanjin and recommend it. It might remind you of Kyoto as the chef is from there. To see our blogposts go to:
        It is not inexpensive, but is worth it. You must reserve the day before so the ingredients can be prepared. This can be done on Open Table.

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          Rosanjin is a nice place, but the food is nothing like real kaiseki. It doesnt come close to Kyoya. They use more local ingredients than from japan. And they are closed most of the time

        2. What's the atmosphere / crowd like at Kyo ya? I'd like to take my parents for kaiseki when they visit next month. I'm leaning towards Sugiyama, but don't want to miss out on a better option. beaulieu - your blog posts are highly informative and fun to read, but for some reason I get the sense Rosanjin would be too claustrophic with so few diners. Plus, while I'm prepared to splurge on this meal, I'm not sure Rosanjin seems worth it. I'm eliminating Kajitsu for the lack of meat / seafood items, which pretty much leaves only Sugiyama, at this point. I guess Kitano is an option, but I'm worried about sticker shock, as well as whether the atmospherics would be what I would want for this particular occasion.

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            Rosanjin isnt claustrophobic, its a nice place and great service. I just dont think the food is too good there. Kyo ya is like a secret place. There is no sign, it just says "Open" and then you go downstairs. It is a small place, has a food bar, a sake bar and tables. Food is served at all of these areas. the bathroom is also a secret location with no sign. You have to push the wall and it's a secret door . The food is excellent, the pressed "Osaka style" sushi is good too. Kyo ya isnt a fancy looking place but it's comfortable. There are only about 6 tables. But it's my favorite japanese restaurant