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Sep 19, 2009 02:10 PM

Farmers Market near Woodstock, VT

I'll be in this area next w/end (Sept. 26-27) and would love to visit a local farmers mkt and stock up on good stuff. I'll be able to go on Saturday (hubby running the VT 50K on Sunday!) and was considering the Mt Tom mkt and the Norwich one. Any recommendations/preference b/w the two? I checked out Norwich's web site (looks very good, and also has an elk meat vendor, nice plus!), but can't find any website link for Mt Tom - is the latter much smaller?
Plan was to (leisurely!) drive around, enjoy scenary, go for nice walks, etc and fit a farmers market visit in between. Dinner plan is at Simon Pearce (early dinner, see 50K mention above!).
Any tips, suggestions on local farms, vendors, lunch spots etc. are very much appreciated.

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  1. We happened upon the Norwich Farmers Market today on our way to the King Arthur store. It is a lovely market. Lots of fresh vegetables, apples, a few vendors with meats and cheeses. Also a couple of really good bakeries and crafts people with woolens and yarn, pottery, jewelry, blown glass, etc. Nice selection and good prices. I haven't been to Mt Tom so can't compare.

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      They are both great markets. Norwich has been around a LONG time and is really well run, consequently there is a little bit of everything you'd want. Mt. Tom is much more rural and small, but the vendors are great, and it's a quick and simple stop. Norwich, because it is so popular, can almost be a hassle to get in and out, not to mention it's a good 25 min from Woodstock. I would say that both are great! There is apple picking in Pomfret and a great lunch spot in Woodstock ironically called " The Woodstock Farmer's Market", they have great sandwiches! I hope your visit goes well. Its a beautiful area this time of the year. Wish your husband luck!!

    2. I'd say Norwich as well. In addition, there is a farm stand next door called Killdeer, and King Arthur flour is right there too.

      Also in Woodstock is Sugarbush Farms, where you can sample cheese and maple syrup.

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        Thank you all so much for your feedback and tips. I will definitely go to the Norwich mkt and I had forgotten the King Arthur Store is right there -I love that place! Haven't been there in a couple of years so it's time to go back:).
        Apple picking and farm stands also sound just what I was hoping to find.
        PS: Tupelohoney44, my husband says thanks!

      2. The Woodstock Farmers Market headed west out of town on the left side of Rt 4 is excellent.

        1. Hello,
          I would say to stop by the store the Woodstock Farmers' Market. It's on Rte 4 west maybe 1 mile if that out of the village. Although, it's not a typical farmers' market, it is the place to go here in Woodstock. The make the best sandwiches in town and you can sit out at a table along the river and enjoy the beautiful fall day. Not only good food but tons of local products from Vt and the NE area. The staff is wonderful, too!
          I have never been to Norwich market but do have a friend who vends there and she says is a great market. The Mt. Tom is smaller but has wonderful farmers and crafters.
          A nice walk to do is hiking up Mt. Tom it's self. If you take the back way up off of Prosper Rd. it is an easier hike/walk and it is beautiful. Bring a camera because you will want to take pictures of the village down below.
          Woodstock is a wonderful place, that's why I live here. Enjoy and good luck to your hubby on the 50K!

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            Thank you! I'll definitely check out the Woodstock Farmers market store. It sounds great.
            I love Woodstock and can't wait to be there this w/end!

          2. Hey everyone - this is a great resource for finding farmers markets near you whether you are in Woodstock VT or somewhere else in the US.: go to "Farms".

            I check it out every summer to see where/ when the newest farmers markets are.