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Sep 19, 2009 12:26 PM

Looking for breakfast places in the (northern) Blackstone Valley area

We're looking for a breakfast place not too far from home (in Sutton). We've tried many places nearby, but, well, we're still looking. We really like the Rue in Providence for breakfast, but it's just too far for a weekly visit. We don't need anything too fancy, just reliably good. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks much.

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  1. We love Mom's Restaurant in Uxbridge (307 N Main St). Been going there almost every week for a few years now. Food is always great, service is good, and prices are reasonable. Nothing fancy and can get crowded on weekend mornings, but I guess that's a sign they are doing right by their customers. The owner of Mom's is due to open a new restaurant soon in the Old Oyster Cabin on 146A in Uxbridge, right off 146. The new name is Ironstones Tavern, and will eventually serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    1. For a true diner experiance, try Peg's Diner in Whitinsville. Basic food in a friendly atmosphere. Nothing gourmet about it, but consistently good. Not open Sunday or Mondays.
      In Millbury, have you tried Puffins? We really like thier style of homefries, they are like french fries. The morning dove scramble is my favorite.
      Today we tried the brunch at Highfields Country Club and it was very tasty, they had an omelette station so you could get what you wanted. A very nice choice of breakast food.
      How about Rebecca's in Mendon, they have some very tasty sweet potato pancakes and they do lots of different specials.
      Also in Uxbridge, further south on 122 than Mom's is Dynasty, also good basic breakfast with no frills.
      If you go to Providence for breakfast on occasion, have you tried Coffee and Cream? I think it's in Smithield, but I can't say for sure, it is just off 146. It shares a building with the Beef Barn and they have reliable food and service.
      Modern Diner in Pawtucket? Most unusual specials, they have been featured on several food shows.

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        Coffe and Cream is in North Smithfield on 146A in the same building as the Beef Barn.

      2. Heritage Coffee Shop, on Route 12, in Auburn does a reliably good breakfast. The decor is kind of weird, but other than that I recommend it.

        1. Highfield Country Club in Grafton Ma. started a Breakfast buffet Yesterday for $9.95
          Very good deal not sure of the hours but I'll report back in two weeks.

          1. Thanks very much for all the suggestions - now we have some new places to try!

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              Blackstone Nat'l Golf Club in Sutton - probably my favorite place in an area that is pretty much a barren wasteland for restaurants.