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Sep 19, 2009 12:14 PM

vanilla ice cream - no cook/no eggs in ice cream maker?

anyone have a no cook/no eggs vanilla ice cream recipe for the ice cream maker? i am doing a quick cooking lesson with kids and don't have time to cook and cool the custard before adding to the ice cream maker. and since we're dealing with the young 'uns, i don't want use raw eggs.

(please note: i'm only looking for recipes or links to recipes, not advice on using raw eggs, why i should be doing this another way, why ice cream will taste bad if i don't use eggs, etc. thanks.)

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  1. If you still have fresh fruit in your area the simplest version I know of is to mash ripe fresh fruit and add cream or half and half. Sweeten until it's just a tad on the sweet side (this will be dulled by freezing) and pour into the ice cream maker for processing. The proportions are extremely flexible -- whatever tastes good will be good as ice cream, just err on the side of more flavor. If you want a "cheesecake" variation stir softened cream cheese into the fruit before you add the dairy.

    If you use chunks of fruit, macerate them for 8 hours or so in sugar before you attempt to freeze them. When the sugar draws out the liquids the pulp won't freeze into teeth challenging rocks.

    Here's Alton Brown's recipe for a very easy banana ice cream that doesn't require eggs or cooking. But be aware it's much easier to peel the bananas before you freeze them.

    1. I usually make icecream without eggs. my recipe for mango and strawberry icecream is to mix puree with heavy cream and condensed milk. then use in the icecream maker. makes a very rich icecream.

      1. If you have a Champion Juicer you can make a dessert indistinguishable from ice cream containing no dairy, eggs or sugar. Get a lot of bananas and let them ripen until you see lots of brown freckles. Peel them and place in a plastic bag, removing as much air as possible, I use a straw to draw out all of the air. Freeze them solid as possible, i give them 24 hours in the freezer with the temp turned to way cold.
        Place the blank plate in the Champion Juicer, the one used for grating.
        What comes out is as soft serve delght, sweet and creamy. You can add some cherry concentrate, available at GNC or other health food stores, as you process for a cool red swirl. You can add vanilla extract or other flavoring too as you wish. A handful of nuts mixed in with the banana adds great flavor.
        You can also make a "Milkshake" by putting frozen banana in the blender with a glass of apple juice. I like this dusted with some cinnamon.

        1. thanks, but i'm looking for a basic vanilla ice cream, not a fruit-flavored ice cream. will keep those in mind for next time though!

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            super-simple and quite tasty (my pre-schooler and 2nd grader can do it together without significant adult help, takes me 5 min total effort)

            mix together (I use my stand mixer) for 1-2 min on low:
            1 cup whole milk
            3/4 cup sugar

            2 cups heavy cream
            1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract

            mix together

            add to ice cream maker and let it mix for 25-30 min