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Sep 19, 2009 11:51 AM

Affordable (but delicious) dinner in Seattle?

I'm going to be entertaining a number of friends in Seattle in a few weeks (two of whom have young children), and I was trying to find a restaurant to take them all to. The type of food isn't really an issue, but the price could be. I'm looking for something that's relatively affordable (around the $20-ish entree range), and a place that can accommodate about 12 people (2 kids).

Anyone have any suggestions? Much appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Great question! I have found a few places that seem nice:

    Fresh Bistro
    Island Soul Caribbean Cuisine
    Anchovies &Olives

    But seeing as I am from out of town I can only guess these places might fit the bill. Any ideas from those eating and living near-by?

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      Thanks for the suggestions, any more?

    2. take your gang to kau kau bbq house on king street in the id, order plates of their superb roasted meats (pork, duck, ribs, chicken, etc.) and as many asian vegetables as you can handle - place everything on a large table with a lazy-susan - sit, laugh, enjoy