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Sep 19, 2009 11:18 AM

Amore Ogunquit, Love Lost

I've been to this restaurant several times over the past 3 years. Each time has been consistently good. Not great but good.

I went this past week with my wife and family. From the service to the meal, it was bad.

The service was abrupt, never asked if we wanted juice, started clearing the table before most of us were done. It was comparable to a diner experience.

Most of us ordered Eggs Benedict with Corned Beef. In each case the eggs were over done. Ever had Eggs Benedict with the yolk almost entirely cooked? The Corned Beef was burned and stringy. The Hash Browns were so two days ago.

Its going to be a while before I go back.

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  1. Never liked Amore. Lousy coffee. For a real treat continue toward Perkins Cove on Shore Road and almost into the cove, the Cove Cafe on the right serves wonderful breakfast. People are great, food is great, service is great. They even have 3 parking spots- you may be luck to get one. Also on Route 1 heading north from Ogunquit is the Omelette Factory. Excellent food- not just omelettes.