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Sep 19, 2009 10:34 AM

What's with all the errors?

Between yesterday and today, I must have gotten the same message about 30 times! "There's been a slight error. The CHOW team has been notified." Well, really? Then could something be done about it, please?


(Using Firefox with ad block.)

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  1. I've recieved that error as well....but only a few times yesterday and today.

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    1. re: Gio

      You are lucky. It seems to occur whenever I roll over the "chowhound" menu to click onto a different board. It took me three tries just to get to the Technical Help board to post that earlier.

      1. re: LNG212

        I haven't noticed that but a workaround might be to click on "Chowhound" instead of trying to use the rollover menu. That brings you to

    2. Just wanted to add that this problem is back for me -- it's happened 3 times within the last hour.

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      1. re: LNG212

        It's been brutal tonight, especially after the new Places features were announced. It sure would be nice if just once we could have a major site change happen WITHOUT all these problems.

        1. re: Chris VR

          Aha. That explains - at least for me - the very very slow loading time. While loading the lowerleft indicator always says "transferring ... google maps ..." I figured there had to be some change going on.

          And, yes I'm with you, it would be nice if site changes could be made without screwing up something else at the same time. <<sigh>>

      2. This morning Chowhound was working fine for me. This afternoon, I'm getting the full width display on my screen, which makes the type almost illegibly small. This happened a year ago, and I adjusted my type size to the largest setting, which worked. I have been on that setting ever since, so I have no similar remedy this time. No other sites I use changed today. Whatever "new and improved" features were added today are catastrophic from my perspective, plus the site is painfully slow. I never was bothered by the "Sorry.." message.

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        1. re: Veggo

          Oh I was just going to post the same problem, Veggo. I had adjusted the size of my type as you did, and now, just as you, the type is teensy. I thought my computer was at fault. It shouldn't be. It's new as of 1 July......and a huge upgrade.

          Edit 8:36PM: Plus Very Slow to open pages, plus errors on every page whan I do open, plus, "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage," plus although this reply shows as having been posted the arrow is still twirling on a minimized page.....

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