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Sep 19, 2009 10:29 AM

Banana Cream Pie?

I'm heading to beautiful Chicago for work & I have a client who LOVES Banana Cream Pie. I would love to bring him the best Chicago has to offer, any places downtown, or close? Maybe an excellent bakery? I have a car & am staying at the Dana Hotel for 3 days. Thanks!

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  1. Hoosier Mama. Not downtown, but if you have a car, it's a short 10 minute drive.

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      Excellent rec, thanks! I need the pie Monday morning & I see from their website they are closed on Sunday & Monday. Any other ideas?

      1. re: ms. chow

        2nd on Hoosier Mama. And if you must have banana cream, you might want to call ahead and see if they'll make sure to have it for you as their varieties change daily. But make no mistake, Hoosier Mama is the spot for the very best pies (and scones) in Chicago.

      2. Check out Bandero Grille downtown, they basically have one dessert, and that's it. It's very good, and was featured on the food network recently. Good ambiance as well, and live music on the weekend.

        1. You might check out Fox and Obel. Unlike some bakeries, their offerings are usually beautiful and great tasting.

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            Have you perhaps had bad experiences in other bakeries? If so, care to share so fellow 'hounds can avoid them? Thanks.

          2. Try Sweet Mandy B's on Webster and Racine, one of the best bakeries around. Gibson's Steakhouse, a Chicago institution, has a huge banana cream pie on their menu -- I don't know whether they sell whole pies to go, but your might call and find out. I believe Joe's Stone Crab & Steakhouse has a banana cream pie too -- I have carried out one of their peanut butter cream pies before, and it was great.