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HELP! Only here for 3 days and looking for the BEST Potato Salad in New Orleans!

We know this sounds crazy, but we are on a Nationwide Potato Salad Tour! We hit Boston, Washington DC, Seattle and now we are in New Orleans.

We will be for the next 3 days and would love any suggestions for the best Potato Salad in New Orleans. Esp any special cajan/creole type.

feel free to follow the AndrewAndrew Potato Salad Tour at www.andrewandrew.com

~ AA

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  1. I like the potato salad at the Store on Gravier.

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    1. re: N.O.Food

      Thanks for the reply!

      Do you have a name of the store? Our hotel is on Gravier!

    2. I don't have any suggestions but I love what you're doing. I wish I had known when you were in the mid-atlantic because there's a cajun restaurant in Virginia of all places (!) that has a very unique potato salad.

      1. J'anita's. Well I love it and I don't normally like potato salad at all.

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        1. Schaeffer's seafood market in Bucktown. Has big chunks of egg whites.

          1. Verti Mart in the quarter does pretty good p.s.

            1. The shrimp potato salad at DiMartino's in Gretna.

              And I also love the potato salad that is in the seafood martini appetizer at The Pelican Club.

              1. New Orleans Food & Spirits in Bucktown.