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Best Cajun Spice Blend?

What is your favorite Cajun spice blend? The one I was using, and loved, is no longer available.

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  1. Tony Chachere's line will probably make you happy. There's always K-Paul's, and you can
    easily enough make your own...This link will take you to a site that has plenty of choices:


    1. I believe I have a jar of Paul Prudhomme's Blackened Seasoning Magic on my shelf...have used it many times to blacken fish. It IS a bit salty, I'll admit...you can certainly make your own, too!

      1. Develop your own --- Most, if not all, of the commercial blends are primarily Salt/Salt Subsitute. -- By the time you get any seasoning on/in the dish it's so salty you can't taste it ---- Also, you don't need 20 herbs and spices as some popular mail order blends contain ---

        Have Fun & Enjoy!

        1. I got addicted to the one from Watkins - only thing I ever bought there, but I'd get a bottle about every other month from Watkins booth at the Nashville flea market. Then we came out to SoCal, and I lost track of them until I was at the LA County Fair last week, and there was Watkins! "Hey, gimme some of that good ol' Cajun Spice Blend," I said. The fellow gave me just a mournful shake of the head. "They just discontinued it," he said. "Sold the last bottle this morning."

          So I guess I'll try one of those others...

            1. Prudhommes blackened redfish is the best on the market

              1. I couldn't remember the brand, since my brother bought it in bulk and shared it with me...but I remember now. Sexton brand Cajun Spice Blend. It has a certain something special...to me.

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                  Tiger Dust is awesome. I am sure it is hard to find outside of LA. Otherwise, Tony Chachere's or house made...

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                    LA as in Los Angeles or Louisiana?

                2. Chef Prudomme's Blackened Seasoning is the best for grilling or frying fish and chicken. Cajun's Choice Creole and Blackened Seasoning are the best all purpose seasonings.