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Sep 19, 2009 08:40 AM

In SF next week-need help with Peking Duck

My son recently moved to SF(Richmond) and he tells me that the best Peking Duck can be found in the Sunset district (rather than Chinatown), but didn't name the restaurant(s). I'd never had Peking duck before and SF would seem to be ideal for my initiation. Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Personally I favor Great China in Berkeley. In Chinatown R&G Lounge (just off Chinatown) is also good. I am not familiar with Sunset.

    R & G Lounge
    631 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108

    Great China Restaurant
    2115 Kittredge St, Berkeley, CA 94704

    1. My favorite is at Daimo in Richmond.

      Daimo Chinese Restaurant
      3288 Pierce St, Richmond, CA 94804

      1. I've liked Peking duck at Five Happiness in the Richmond district in SF, which is (from most perspectives) on the same side of town as the Sunset.

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        1. re: david kaplan

          All good suggestions, many thanks! Any takes on tea-smoked vs. Peking Duck? I've had neither before.

          1. re: jondubus

            The tea-smoked duck at Great China in Berkeley is my favorite.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Same here. You can do a dual ducks dinner.

            2. re: jondubus

              Be aware that Great China may require a reservation.

              1. re: PeterL

                Yeah, it's a good idea to reserve the Peking duck if you want it, otherwise they might run out. Good idea to make a reservation in general.

                Great China also has one of the best wine lists in the East Bay.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  I'm liking the Dual Duck idea.....We'll do reservations for sure.

                  1. re: jondubus

                    I think I prefer the idea of a duck duel.

                    1. re: jondubus

                      I suggest you have the Peking duck first, the tea-smoked duck is a lot more intense. I wouldn't order both in the same meal, but if I did, I'd want at least four people.

                      Some other dishes to consider:


            3. South Sea Seafood in the seafood does a decent job (Better than R&G) but if you can make it to Berkeley I agree with all the nods for Great China in Berkeley.