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ISO: Smoked Pork Neck

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Hi everyone. I'm in desperate need of smoke pork neck bones in the GTA. If anyone could suggest some places it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Try Witteveen's: http://www.witteveens.com/locations.html. Their Web site lists "dog bones" under the "smoked meats" section; I imagine they could do them for you if they don't already carry them.

    1. You might try a Chinese BBQ take out place, one that does the whole hog. I go to Ho Ho's
      3833 Midland Av.
      What do you need this for? Maybe a smoked hock or shank will work.

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        Hmm .. yes I think a smoked hock would work. Where would smoked hocks be availiable?

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          At the St Lawrence market, any butcher with cured, smoked meat or sausages should have smoked pork hock. Brandt's in Miss., or any European deli-butcher shop, on Roncesvalles or Bloor West village, also. It should be an easy find in the east end too, just look for a butcher or deli with a European background.

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            You can buy smoked pork hocks at T & T too, if there is one in your neck of the woods. Sorry, bad pun.

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              I've seen Brandts Smoked hocks in Longos and Highland Farms. I think the butcher on in the North Saturday St. Lawrence Market that specializes in pork product might actually have the necks.