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Sep 19, 2009 06:46 AM

Breakfast in NDG

Myself and a colleague were driving around NDG before 7:30 looking for a breakfast place open before 8:00am. now that Picasso is no longer with us the options are fewer. We finally thought of La Belle Province on St-Jacques. My first time having breakfast there and a very pleasant experience indeed. A plate the size one used to get at Picasso with the works, beans, fruit,potatoes etc at about 1/3 less the price we used to pay at Picasso. My poached eggs were perfect, they were very good about substituting (tomato slices instead of home fries) and the service was fast and very friendly. All in all a great experience and I will definitely go back there for breakfast. BTW they open at 5:30am if anyone is interested.

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  1. Yeggy,

    I am a newly transplanted New Jerseyite, but I miss La Belle Province so much! The restaurant, I mean <grin>. I lived on the corner of Sherbrooke and Cavendish for 32 years. The waitresses there are so great, aren't they? I remember my late BF and I were there one Sunday morning. LBP is very busy on Sunday mornings. We had taken a table near a serving station and he wanted a glass of water. He served himself. Our waitress appeared in a nanosecond, handed him her notepad and asked: "Would you like to take your own order, too?", with a big smile of course.

    Only at La Belle Province S-Jacques could the waitstaff get away with that sort of thing. They don't pay those gals enough IMO.

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      nobody could mention breakfast in NDG without mentioning Orange for the best brunch and the best service

    2. I lived in NDG for 32 years and my late BF and I used to go there occasionally. The waitresses are great, aren't they? We had seated ourselves next to a wait station and he was thirsty, so helped himself to a glass of water. Our waitress was there in a nanosecond and, in true BP fashion, handed him her pad and asked, straight faced: "Would you like to take your own order, too?"

      I brought my American husband down there, too. He loved it. We are motorcyclists and there was one waitress who said she used to ride, too.

      I live in New Jersey now and, even though NJ has the most diners in the union, nothing beats La Belle Province (the resto, I mean).