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Sep 19, 2009 06:08 AM

Big Hardee?

Anyone tried this yet? Claims to be bigger than a Big Mac, and Hardees burgers are good IMO.......any feedback???

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  1. I have tried the Big Carl which has 2 patties and 2 slices of cheese, It is good in itself for $2.49 out here in california but tastes nothing like a big mac. The Hardees version is 3 patties and looks like it would be similar to the big carl. If they spiced up the thousand island dressing and chopped the lettuce and added pickles it would be more like the big mac.

    1. wow after watching youtube videos and reading about the big carl i thought it was a great ad campaign and that the bi carl was a steal. however the big hardee looks much netter. an extra patty (im assuming the patties are just as big as the carls) same amount of cheese, a third bun...and 29 cents cheaper.

      why advertise the big carl when you can advertise the big hardee. i dont have either in my area though so its sucks.

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        1. After seeing those Big Hardees' commercial all weekend, I had to have one... Went to my closest Hardee's on Sunday night, and they were sold out. The guy at the drive thru said those things were going like crazy.

          Oh Well, maybe another time.

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            HOW DO YO USELL OUT OF BURGERS WHEN YOURE A BURGER PLACE? is it a different cheaper quality of meat. i was under the impression hardees just takes 1/3 pound of beef and cooks it. dont they have fresh meat there??? or are the patties a lot smaller and pre made?

            1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

              How about the economy is not good, so companies are cautious. A new product and demand exceeds expectations. Your impression may be right, but they had more demand for product than they planned. I own several retail businesses and would love to have that happen these days.
              I don't think they should be criticized for at all.

              1. re: otps

                im not criticizing im just curious. dont they make all of the burgers from the same emat? carls jrs and hardees cooks their meat in front of you. if they have meat cant they make the big hardee or is the big hardees patties different than the standard sizes they have that they cook with? i dont have a hardees or carls here but i know at fuddruckers and cheeburgers they cook all the burgers from the same meat just use different sizes. unless yo uask for osttrich or buffalos./

                1. re: RCTRIPLEFRESH5

                  I can't say for sure because I have never been in the back of a Hardees, but I would imagine that they use pre-formed, pre-weighed patties that are probably frozen, so they probably aren't able to cobble together a couple of Big Hardee patties on the fly. I would guess that most fast food joints don't have a pile of ground beef just sitting around to make their patties.

                  I went to BK once and ordered a Whopper. They told me they couldn't do it because they were out of Whopper buns. I asked if they could put it on a regular bun, and they said no. Seems ridiculous to me.

          2. I liked the commercial and I normally like Hardee's burgers so I gave it a shot. WORST BURGER EVER! They should called it "The Big Piece Of Crap". They should not be allowed to compare it to the Big Mac whatsoever. Terrible, terrible, terrible. And much smaller than the ad makes it appear. I honestly asked the restaurant if they gave me a Junior burger by mistake. Nope, it was "The Big Hardee's."

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            1. re: BradLWoods

              You know the Big Mac would be much better without the middle piece of bread and a tomato slice.

              1. re: ArrowSmith

                I agree, they only put that 2 cent piece of bread in there to make you think it's big, it is not. The tomato would help.