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Sep 19, 2009 06:03 AM

UWS Wine Bars -- what do people think?

There seems to be a critical mass of wine bars on the UWS now (for the purposes of the this post, defined as 59th to 96th). What do people think about them? Are there an standouts? Do some specialize? How about the food?

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  1. Like Barcibo Enoteca on Bway in the 60's. The menu is interesting and have had mostly hits -- no real misses. (Have tried the meats/cheese platters, bruschettas, and even a risotto and were all tasty). I also found that the manager is good about making sure you can find a place to sit if you want to eat -- I really noticed that the last time we were there that he was truly paying attention to who was sitting where, who was waiting, etc.

    Would skip Bar Luna on Amsterdam in the 80's -- the food and service were both lacking when we tried it. Can't speak for the others...

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      I really liked Bar Luna! (went about a month ago). We sat ouside so I can't speak to the vibe except for the peek when I went to the restroom, but it seemed roomier and less deafening than other places.

      Our service was terrific and the food was yummy (assorted crostini - they even brought us more toasts without us asking so we could finish the spreads - gaspacho, and the goat cheese pizza).

    2. We like Buceo on 95th. There have been a couple of reviews on this board. I find the wine to be very well priced and the food a tad on the expensive side. But the atmosphere is just lovely.

      1. I don't live on the UWS, so my experience is limited. But I've found myself in Bin 71 on Columbus a number of times and always enjoy myself. It's a bit small and cramped, but the food is good and they have a good selection of beer and wine. They have a sister wine bar as well who's name escapes me at the moment... Bin 65 or something like that?

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          I think BArcibo Enoteca (bdway /69th) is the sister to Bin 71. I like these both but they are small

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            The Bin 71 sibling is Barcibo Enoteca. Totally agree that Buceo 95 is somewhat more expensive than necessary, though a good place. Has anyone been to Nectar up on FD Blvd?

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              I HAVE!!! My husband and I have ben there several times, even making a trip with my out-of-town parents to show off. The wines are wonderful, and the prices are even better. The staff, though, is what really makes it shine. They are quirky without being too much. Think John Cusack and Jack Black in High Fidelity---the Bartenders (or maybe they are sommeliers) have the same passion for wine, beer and food-friends on the palate as those two actors had for their records. Sometimes, its with the same amount of inane humor. The tapas menu is sparse and tasty. I also want to add that the olive oils that they have are also just as well-curated as the wine-list. I think its worth the trek.