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Sep 19, 2009 04:39 AM

Tea Rooms on Cape Cod

Many of the tearooms I enjoyed are long gone, Augusta Snow in H'Port, Devon Tea Room. Have been to Dunbar many times but wonder, how is Molly's in Falmouth? Has anyone been to Captain's House lately for tea, in Chatham?

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  1. My daughter's pre wedding bridal tea was held there last June and it was wonderful. The food was wonderfull, great variety and so much of it that we even took some home. Service was excellent and the location is beautiful.

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      John, at Molly's or Captain's House please??

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        Sorry.............Captains House in Chatham

    2. Molly's in Falmouth is OK. Kinda cute--serves bagged tea although it is good bagged tea. The Tea Shoppe in Mashpee Commons is quite cute and has a nice menu for tea and lunch although it too uses bagged tea. It also has a children's tea. Optimist Cafe on 6A in Yarmouthport serves "high" tea trhoughout the day. Bee and Blossom in Hyannis is a gift shop/flower shop with a few tables but the tea service, although limited, is nice. Dunbar, I think, is the best followed by Tea Shoppe, Molly's, Bee and Blossom and Optimist Cafe.

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        thanks..we did not love Optimist. They served us day glo store bought petit fours and the waitress hovered and talked the entire time..

        I think we will hit Captain's House. I appreciate your replies.