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Sep 18, 2009 11:20 PM

Rice Vinegar question

Can anyone recommend a good brand of rice vinegar ? I know rice vinegar has many uses, but my repeated use is going to be with RAW vegetables and toasted sesame oil [as a salad]. Please keep that in mind when making your recommendations. I also understand that there are *flavored* vinegars as well -- don't hold back any comments on those. TIA.

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  1. Try Uchibori Mino rice vinegar.

    1. For salads, I like Marukan seasoned rice vinegar. Here in California it's available in most supermarkets.

      1. I use unseasoned Marukan for almost all my vinegar needs.

        1. It is my understanding that in the case of rice vinegar, "seasoned" means sweetened. I don't think I've ever seen a seasoned rice vinegar that had anything more exotic. i use Trader Joe's or Maruchan, but it's not something I use as a sole condiment or seasoning, so if there are subtle differences between brands I wouldn't know.

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            Seasoned rice vinegar contains sugar and salt, and sometimes MSG and preservatives. It's for quick and dirty sushi rice. I have a bottle (for who knows what reason), and it's pretty nasty stuff.

            1. re: DebL

              On the contrary, seasoned rice vinegar mixed with an equal portion of soy sauce with a few drops (or to taste) of hot oil makes a quick and easy dressing for almost any left-over vegetable. Good on fish, too. I usually buy Marukan brand. The brands I have seen are just sugar and vinegar, no salt or preservatives.

          2. There are many gradations of this product...the ones mentioned by several posters are all fine. Seasoned vinegar, contrary to what some posters state, is not "vile" but an essential component of sushi rice. Some brands are better than others. (And you can make your own...Elizabeth Andoh's books will tell you how.)

            For easy mail order for excellent quality Japanese vinegars, both seasoned and not: