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Sep 18, 2009 09:23 PM

Jalapeno Poppers

I'll be attending a friend's 40th b-day and would like to bring some poppers to the party (Mexican theme). Does anyone have any favorite recipe or advice for me. I have a deep fryer and would like to maybe make them ahead of time, freeze them and then prepare them at the party.
Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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  1. they're pretty straightforward and i don't use a "recipe".

    soften cream cheese and blend with shredded jack or cheddar. i sometimes add crumbled bacon. remove and reserve the tops from the peppers. remove the seeds and membranes. careful, that's the hot stuff, you might want to wear gloves. push the cheese mixture into the cavities. put the tops back on. roll in egg then either breadcrumbs or panko. fry. yum.

    you can par-fry and freeze, then finish at the party.

    1. I'd slit them on one side, and stuff them with pre-cooked ground chorizo and cilantro (maybe very finely diced potato - I guess you could shred it too)
      Don't deep fry, pan fry them (unbreaded.) Serving at room temp would be fine. Leave the stems on for folks to handle them as finger food.

      Salsa type sauce, cream type sauce, and a creamy pureed avocado based sauce. The sauces shouldn't be over the top because usually chorizo is pretty strongly flavored. I always do "poppers" with a twist. Everyone's had them fried and stuffed with cheese.

      1. I made them with friends who had just bought a deep fryer. Our jalapenos were large. We deseeded them and stuffed them with shrimp, then battered and deep fried them. The peppers were so hot that nobody could eat more than one. Bad luck with that batch of peppers, I guess.

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          That would be good luck for us. We find that most jalapenos are too mild for my friends and me.

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            I generally have never found anything too hot for me, but some jalapenos can pack quite a punch. I've had a few catch me off guard like that before.

        2. I like taking the seeds and mixing with the cheese before stuffing, just so you don't lose the heat.

          1. I'm not so sure that this is "authentic Mexican" or the ultimate, but Mexican queso blanco is commonly used in chiles and doesn't melt like some cheeses. You can load it up with seasonings or meats/shrimp, etc. and it will get soft, but it won't run out.

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              Which makes it really good for queso fundito with chorizo and/or shrimp, with FLOUR tortillas.