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Sep 18, 2009 09:10 PM

Where To Get Kobe Roast Beef

Are there any delis in the Durham/Chapel Hill NC area where I can get Kobe roast beef?

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  1. Nobody? Really? There's no Kobe roast beef in this area?

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    1. re: d.v

      Have you seen this anywhere else? I just can't imagine it exists.

    2. I don't know of anywhere, actually, that has Kobe roast beef.

      There may be places on this coast where you can get imitation "Kobe style" Wagyu / Angus hybrid beef raised and processed in the US (and fed with different feed than real Kobe beef, and yes it's really different from the real thing). And maybe somewhere you can get it in roast beef form. I'd be surprised if you could buy it cooked and sliced anywhere between DC and Atlanta.

      Wouldn't Kobe roast beef be awfully fatty?

      And I've never seen any Mishima beef here at all, in any form.

      What we do have are some great local beef producers from small farms that raise grass-fed only cattle on pasture, that is organic, antibiotic-free, and slaughtered at a small processing facility that cares about humane slaughtering practices.

      I particularly recommend any Jersey cow beef which you can find, which though smaller in size is much more tender and tastier than any Angus cow ever was, and much leaner at the same time.

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      1. re: fussycouple

        Well, I used to get it in New Jersey as recently as 6 months ago before moving here. I got it at the Kings chain of supermarkets. At least they labeled it as "Kobe raost beef" and it sold for more than their regular roast beef. And it was much tastier than the regular roast beef. Was it genuine Kobe? I have no way of knowing. I just know that most of the roast beef I have tried here from Whole Food, Fresh Market and all of the regular chain groceries are nothing like the Kobe that Kings sells. I guess it just isn't available around here.

      2. We just got back from California where we were able to get what was called Kobe rare roast beef sliced for sandwiches at Albertson's. There was a huge difference between it and the Boars Head we find around here. Anyone know if the past 3 years have brought any really good roast beef to our locale?

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        1. re: yahooer

          You've never had Kobe beef. It's not your fault you were lied to.

        2. Japan is the only place to get real Kobe beef.