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Sep 18, 2009 09:05 PM

What a Find! Really Good Tacos: El Polloron Taco Trailer at Ponds Springs and Anderson Mill

Northwest Austin at Ponds Springs and Anderson Mill

Adding a review about the El Polloron Taco trailer at the corner of Anderson Mill and Pond Springs in the gas station parking lot. I got the pork tacos. They came with tons of fresh cilantro and onions and a very generous scoop of filling. The pork was marinated and b-b-qued in an amazing red sauce. They came with limes and little containers of delicious green sauce. They were spicy and some of the best tacos I have had. What was really surprising is after some really amazing bites--I thought, what is that flavor? I took a closer look and realized pineapple had been added to it. It was sooo good. The chicken and beef tacos were had by other family members and they all said they were delicious.

We stopped there on a lark. One of my kids just finished soccer practice at Town and Country Optimist Club and we were all starving. One of other my kids said, "Mom, let's stop there. I feel like tacos for dinner!" I said, no, because I do not usually frequent food trailers (like ever). My kids talked me into it. I actually turned us around and am so glad I did! We can't wait to go back tomorrow for breakfast tacos. It was so good, I can see us going there frequently.

He has great prices and I think he is open from 7am until 8 pm weekdays, 7-8 Saturdays, and 7-3 Sundays. He also does plates; chicken and carne asada, which include rice, charro beans, tortillas, onions and salsa. I took his business card so I could post about this place and the plate information is on his card. His phone number is 939-6662 for pick up orders.

We do Taco Deli tacos and other breakfast tacos at work frequently---I am going to bring a bunch of his breakfast tacos to work, because people are going to *love* them.

Wanted to share. He doesn't have table and chairs, so there is not anywhere to sit. We ate ours in the car. Oh! They were so good, we actually got seconds.

I am always looking for good finds; thought I'd share this one for all those out there who love a really good taco. Sorry no picture or link. He is in a small white trailer in the on the left side of Anderson Mill headed east towards Town and Country Optimist.

Hope whoever checks it out likes it as much as we did.

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  1. Good eye Anne17. El polloron is a great find for us on the north side.

    Al pastor, that was the pork you had and Polloron's version is a really good one, as good as you're going to get without the obvious presence of a trompo roasting it live. Tacos 1.50. Had two. A little pineapple added. Good green sauce, no obvious buttery taste like El regio but other than that the same.

    had a campecheana (sp?) which was a larger taco with beef fajita or carne asada and a little chorizo with cilantro and onion and cheese for 2.50. Excellent

    TYhe breakfast tacos with egg and machacada had just bits of well cooked beef. Not a dried product like I expected. Maybe they were out. Also 1.50. 25 cents for cheese. Nice eggs.

    El charro beans totally resembled el regio's but didn't have all the pork flavor (or any fat floating in them) Just fine. Not sure is they were 1 or 1.50, 1.50 I think.

    Similar prices to el regio listed for whole and half chickens. Saw some nice looking pieces of fajita by the grill.

    Hooray a good taco wagon for the northside. And ours has a phone. Neener neener southrons.

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      How are the tortillas? Fresh made? If store bought, do they griddle them up at all?

      1. re: jwynne2000

        The corn ones I had were storebought. Everything's griddled on a flat top with some oil. The cheese was melted completely. My tacos were wrapped seperately in foil and had saran wrap over that.

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        I sent it into the taco journalists hoping they would review it-el polloron rocks.

      3. Thank you for the report! I drive by that trailer on a daily basis and keep meaning to stop to try it but never have cash on me. Maybe I'll give the half chicken a try for dinner some night and report back.

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          Definitely try the half chicken; so juicy and flavorful. I live abut a mile and a half from the Polloron trailer and have never been disappointed by either the food or the friendly and quick service.

        2. I went for lunch today. Had the carnitas and the carne asada tacos. The carne asada was a little chewy, but still good. The carnitas were wonderful! That green sauce is good (and spicy). He does love his onions & cilantro, but that's okay with me. So happy to have something like this nearby. Will have to try the breakfast tacos. It's right on my way to work. Thanks so much for the discovery!