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  1. New Deal in Cambridge is my favorite. Always great seafood, including whole fish. Plus the owners are great.

    1. totally agree w/rebs: new deal all the way. best place in boston to get sushi/sashimi grade seafood. carl and everyone there is very knowledgeable and super nice to one and all. a large segment of their clientele includes native japanese who know and want the best. you can easily get into a fun conversation about all things seafood there. enjoy!

      1. New Deal is the best place I have ever bought fish. Family owned. Highest quality. Reasonable prices. Complete honesty and sincerity.

        I drive all the way form Canton to buy my fish there.

        Tell Carl that Chris sent you!

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          if you drive, I love Captain Mardens in Wellesley. IMHO, the best there is.

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            I 've actually been meaning to try it. Also, my favorite butcher form Dewars Newton is now working at the Dewars near there...

        2. Has anyone tried Mercato del Mare in the north end? Went by the other day and just looked, didn't buy, but it looked wonderful!

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            Good stuff at Mercato,very friendly and helpful staff.

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              Agree. Very helpful and friendly and very fresh fish. Owner(s) operated

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                I go there quite a bit because it is near my office. Everything is fresh, and it seems to have a high turnover of product.

          2. I'm a fan of Courthouse Fish Market in Cambridge. I find them especially knowledgeable and helpful, and at least in my personal experience, they know and understand local fish at least as well as the folks at New Deal.

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              I picked up some graet cockels there last week.

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                Courthouse is my go-to fish store. The people are warm, they will tell you what came in this morning, they love to share recipes [if they aren't too busy] and the home cured peppers are fantastic.

                And, I have never purchased anything there that smelled even remotely fishy. I feel that they are also just a tad less expensive than New Deal, but it has been a while since I did a head-to-head comparison. I don't think you can go wrong with either shop.

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                  Add me to the Courthouse bandwagon...They usually have a good stock of heads and collars, too, as well as lots of unusual whole fish...And, as others have mentioned, I find they have a tad more patience...One time I was in New Deal, asking about different kinds of small, whole fish, and when he didn't know the name for one in English, the elder gentleman snarled, "It's very expensive!". Um yeah, well, I'm sure not gonnah pay after being treated like that...

                2. I will add my recs to Courthouse Fish too. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and the selection and quality of the fish is always fantastic. They have a wide variety of whole fish are happy to clean and/or fillet anything you want. I recently bought some periwinkles which I steamed for about 5 minutes with some white wine, butter and fresh thyme. They were excellent. I also bought some cockles and made a very nice pasta sauce out of them. The Courthouse is my go-to spot whenever I want the freshest fish available.

                  1. Cyndi at the Farmer's Market in Brookline (1:30 and on, Centre St parking lot) has consistently fresh fish. Get there early for a good selection. You can preorder with her once you get on her mailing list. Downside is that it is all fillets. Upside is you are guaranteed fish fresh from the dock that morning.