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Sep 18, 2009 06:35 PM

Good Food Greenville SC at night. MARY BETH'S

I have always forgotten that Mary Beth's is open at night in Greenville. I just happen to work late tonight and as I was driving past my wife called and wanted to eat. I pulled in and waited for her to arrive. I noticed the tablecloths and that it looked more formal. I thought the food was very good. We were dressed casual and would not have felt comfortable going to Devereaux's so this was perfect. I thought the wine list was simple but they had what I wanted at almost 1/2 price from some of the fine dining places. The steak was awesome as were the huge fried oysters. It was very quiet and nice, the server and host/owner were very friendly. I would recommend this place for some good food that don't need to get all "gussied up" for. I have eaten there dozens of times for breakfast and lunch and I will be this one of my dinner stops. It is much less expensive that most fine dining places in Greenville and the food is of GREAT quality.

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