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Sep 18, 2009 06:02 PM

Charlotte: Customshop v. Zebra v. Good Food on Montford?

This will be my first trip to Charlotte and will only have time for one dinner. I'm looking for a restaurant that would be along the lines of quality of SNOB and FIG in Charleston. After looking through some posts, I've come across these three. I know "the best" is subjective, but anyone have a preference between these?

Much appreciated.

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  1. Customshop: The first two times I ate there, I didn't think it as anything special. The third time my meal was very good.

    Zebra: I haven't eaten there in years, but it's a little more expensive than the other places and perhaps a "stuffier atmosphere.

    Good Food on Montford: I've been there several times recently and have really enjoyed it those times. I don't know that I'd compare it SNOB or FIG; it has a different vibe IMO.

    I would also recommend looking into Lulu, Carpe Diem, Barrington's and Terra.

    1. I would head to Customshop. Goodfood is not that good, in my opinion.

      I have not been to Zebra yet, but I hear really good things about it from a co-worker.

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        I wasn't impressed by Good Food at all. They are all over the place with their menu and their prices are ridiculous, IMHO.

        I haven't been to Zebra in years either, but when I went last I enjoyed our meal very much. I was there for breakfast about a year ago and it was just okay. Service was bad though.

        I would second ickymettle's rec's for Lulu and Carpe Diem... and everyone loves Barrington's, although I haven't been yet. Another idea is Ratcliffe on the Green if you'd like something special. They have a nice prix fixe menu and with wine pairings its a good value.

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        1. I'm from Charleston and I've worked and lived in South Park, and I can safely say that none of these restaurants are really along the lines of SNOB or FIG. Spend a little more money and go to Noble's Restaurant on Morrison. If I was only going to have one dinner in Charlotte, that would be it.