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Sep 18, 2009 05:00 PM

Goleta/Santa Barbara abschieds restaurant

Dropping off the oldest UCSB daughter at her new IV apartment tomorrow; looking for a good farewell restaurant in Goleta or, yes, if need be, Santa Barbara, before we head back north tomorrow night.

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  1. The California board is the appropriate place to talk about Santa Barbara and such.

    It really depends on what you want, and want to spend. In Goleta, there are few restaurants that are more than just quick cheap stops. Your best bet would probably be the newly opened Holdren's steakhouse, or cheaper Pastavino italian restaurant, or possibly the classic Hollister Brewing Company, all three in the Camino Real Marketplace at Storke and Hollister.

    If you're interested in Santa Barbara restaurants, then without a specific idea or price in mind it's hard to recommend something specific.

    Best of luck to your daughter, UCSB is a great school.

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      Well, the Boathouse at Burro Canyon Beach is a nice place to eat, nice view, inside or outside seating (with seagulls). Food isn't memorable. A bit north of town.

      1. re: Shortsord

        If you don't care to travel far from UCSB then I would suggest Beachside Bar and Cafe.
        It's situated on the beach, almost next door to the school and about 2 minutes from the airport. It's my 'go-to' place for a gathering place to watch the sunset and listen to the ocean while eating. I haven't found anything better in the Goleta area as the choices are limited... It gets busy on the weekend so if it's your choice then I suggest you make a reservation soon.
        Good luck and enjoy the weekend.

        1. re: latindancer

          Totally forgot about Beachside, it is also a good choice. Probably not as great of food as the others I mentioned, but still good. Also great location with the beach and the pier, and very close to UCSB as well.

      2. My favorite meal in Goleta involves waking up hung over and eating the breakfast burrito from Cantina. But there's definitely some nostalgia involved...

        1. Show your daughter where the best little Chinese restaurant is in Goleta (if she already does not know about it) where the sweet owner is full of hugs so you know she will be warm and welcomed after you are gone -- the Red Pepper on Orange Avenue off Old Town Hollister Avenue. Every college students needs a good Chinese take-out number from time to time too.

          Or for the best spot for everyone's last visual memories together: the Goleta Beach restaurant right near the campus entrance. For high end, you could go to the Bacara Hotel up the road a bit.

          But if it is truly an "abscheid" then by all means drive a bit more into Santa Barbara and go to the wonderful Brummis on State Street in the San Roque neighborhood. You get to drown your sorrows in Munich HofBrau beer on tap along with the best German food in town. And this is another place with a wonderful "motherly" owner and a comfort food menu.