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Sep 18, 2009 03:03 PM

Pickling Cukes?

Has anyone seen good quality picking cucumbers (think dill pickles) in SF recently? I just spent 3 hours going everywhere I could think of (Safeway, Rainbow, Whole Foods on 17th, Whole Foods on 4th, lots of produce spots on Mission) and could not find any that were not old and soft.

Please let me know if you can think of any place you've seen decent cukes lately- I've got a great recipe from a friend and can't wait to get them going.



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  1. cukes tend to go limp in heat.

    care to share your recipe?

    1. Have you been to the farmers markets? Alameny and Civic Center might be the best bets as they have more Asian vendors which usually have the pickling cukes.

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      1. Do the folks from Lucero Farms (of strawberry fame) go to any of the SF markets? Best. Pickling. Cukes. EVER!

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          I know they sell at the Saturday Ferry Plaza farmers market

        2. Berkeley Bowl (yes, I know it specifies SF).
          $1.09 per pound (not organic).

          1. I've been looking also over the last 2 weeks - at a couple of different Farmers Markets, Asian grocers, Mexican grocers, etc. All have been too big, and too old. About a month ago or so I got some terrific small, very fresh ones and made the best half sour pickles just like the ones my Grandmother used to make... got my taste whetted to make more (only make 1 jar at a time...) Now I can't find any nice small ones - the changes in the weather must be the problem I guess.