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Sep 18, 2009 03:03 PM

Lavender Honey in Central Jersey?

I'm on a quest for lavender honey but so far I've struck out. I know a place in PA where I can probably find it but I keep thinking there must be a place closer to home, let's say within the New Brunswick/Princeton/Flemington triangle.

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  1. ambrose
    1. Bon Appetit does carry it but they are out right now, you can contact them and they will order it for you.
    2. Whole foods Princeton does not carry Lavender Honey.
    3. This farm in South Jersey might be able to help, the web site says they carry it.
    Although the farm itself is outside of your requested triangle, maybe they have it in stock at the Bordentown retail farm location noted on their website.

    Happy Honey Hunting!

    1. I've never been here but maybe,,

      Bee Happy Honey House ‎
      50 Mine St, Flemington, NJ‎ -
      (908) 788-6004

      The International food store in Highland Park has a good selection of honey. I don't know if Lavender was one of the flavors.

      139 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, NJ‎ - (732) 435-0175

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        I stopped into the international food store on Friday. They had no Lavender Honey. Three types of New Zealand honey from different flowers, some from Jerusalem, Leatherwood, and a few cream honeys but no Lavender.


        We discovered Lavender Fields honey at our local Farmer's Market in Lewes. Why don't you call them and see if they can mail you some? It is wonderful.

        1. FWIW: though I haven't been, I have it on good authority that the Burlington Co Farmers Market is well worth the trip. I buy my organic eggs from a farmer in Southampton, (who sells eggs weekly at the farmers market), and he said there are some excellent vendors there, and the prices are right. Since the honey farmer sells at the farmers market ass well, you could probably end up doing a nice shopping trip through there. I heard the flowers are beautiful and very cheap, as well.

          1. European section at Wegmans in Bridgewater carries lavender flavored honey. Looks like its clover honey with lavender flavor, so not the real thing but its good in a pinch.