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Sep 18, 2009 02:27 PM

Late Night Dining in Seattle

My family and I will be arriving at our hotel after 10:00 pm on a weekend night. We will be looking to eat a late dinner somewhere in the vicinity of our hotel around the Westlake Center, maybe the Sheraton or Hyatt, something like that.

A search of places open late and reasonably close have produced the following list:

Hing Loon
The Pink Door
Palace Kitchen
Dick's Drive In
5 Spot

Any thoughts on these places? We're looking for someplace serving good food at a reasonable price and as you can see, we're not too particular on cuisine, just that it is tasty and not over priced. Other recommendations would be welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Are you driving? For me, late night dining means dinner at 13 Coins...It may not be gourmet, but for some reason, I love this place.

    1. Palace Kitchen is the best of that lot by a wide margin.

      If Hing Loon is close enough, you could also consider Cafe Presse.

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        I agree, Palace Kitchen is probably your best bet.

      2. Le Pichet on 1st and Virginia serves until midnight - the late-night menu is more limited than the regular, but still plenty of options. Txori on 2nd and Blanchard is open even later, I think. Txori serves tapas. Either is only a few blocks from Westlake.

        1. Thanks everyone for your opinions of the places listed and also your alternate suggestions. I'll be checking out all the restaurants suggested and I'm sure we will enjoy our late night meal wherever we end up at. Looking forward to our upcoming visit and watching the Seahawks play!

          1. Palace Kitchen's a good bet. Pink Door is also one of my favorites. The two restaurants have very different menus... and you may need to watch out for Pink Doors late-night entertainment crowd on the weekend.