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Sep 18, 2009 02:19 PM

Maui Recap

Thanks for all the wonderful food suggestions for our trip to Maui last week! We didn't end up doing any farm tours, though definitely might look into Surfing Goat and O'o Farms for next time as we'd love to have eaten more tropical fruit and chevre!

I am very sad that we missed Hali'imaile General Store. It was at the top of my list for lunch one day, but I didn't know it was closed for lunch on weekends!! We drove up to an empty restaurant and were devastated. Definitely top of the list for next time.

In Paia we had some great meals at Fresh Mint, Milagros, Anthony's, Moana Cafe and of course the Flatbread Place. I think I just could have subsisted off of surfing goat chevre all week, in fact.

We had a very nice dinner at Lahaina Grill, though it was really quite spendy. I guess compared to other places in Lahaina you might spend almost the same amount for far worse food. We were very pleased with our dishes - I had the Mahi Mahi and we shared the Buffula Tomato Salad - but have spent similar amounts $$ at Babbo or at restaurants in Napa for far superior meals. For the location, it was definitely a standout.

Ono Gelato must not be missed on any visit! I had an incredible gelato flavor called Sandy Beach - coconut candy, sea salt and peanut butter. There is one in Paia we went to when we stayed there and were so happy to see they recently opened a shop in Lahaina, which we visited as well.

We had lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate, which I wasn't expecting to be spectacular, but it was cheap and the view was amazing. We had a couple lunches poolside at Umalu in our hotel which had a great guava barbeque sauce for their onion rings.

We went to Hula Grill for apps and drinks after a sunset cocktail sail. It was a really fun atmosphere and the food was decent.

One of our favorite meals was breakfast at Plantation House. What a VIEW! The menu was simple enough and breakfast was good - banana french toast, bloody marys, fresh pineapple, Guava Mimosas and their omlettes and eggs benedict looked good...the view was specactular.

We also enjoyed a pretty reasonable wait for brunch at The Gazebo, also a spectacular view and decent food for a great price.

Feast at Lele was definitely a highlight. My husband is vegetarian and they did separate vegetarian courses for him as well, which is the primary reason we chose this Lu'au, though it is also very highly recommended. My favorite dish was the Mahi Mahi and then Kalua pork. The bay scallops were also quite good and the tropical fruit salsa is definitely something I need the recipe for. The show was impressive, though the actual show portions were quite short, I felt. Very beautiful and fun to watch, but short compared to the wait times between portions of the show and the meals being served.The meal was very well paced (good for digestion between courses!). I think we would have liked more drink service than we got. Definitely speak up for more drinks rather than wait for them to ask! Drinks were quite good as well. The setting and show at sunset was incredible. Call early for reservations! We had an amazing front row private table for 2.

Looking at the menus we picked up from Pacific'O and I'O, I'd definitely want to go back to try either of those restaurants.

Overall, I think we liked eating in Paia much more because it was good food for a decent price, but we realize most of the time we were paying for the view at some of these places, and really didn't have a horrible meal anywhere we went. Thanks again for all the recommendations!

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  1. Also, if you are headed to Maui, definitely pick up the "Menu" publication, as well as free "Edible Hawaii" magazine. We used lots of coupons.

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      Too bad you didn't phone first to Hailiimaile.........lunch there is always fabulous!

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        Where did you get the "Menu" publication? We are counting down the days until he head back. :)

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          I picked up one at our hotel and one on Front Street in Lahaina. A lot of the restaurants have them as you walk in the door as well. We had 50% off a bottle of wine at Umalu, $10 Lahaina Grill coupon and 50% off one entree with the purchase of another an I'O that I had to pass along since we didn't use.

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            Thank you for that tip! We will be returning to the Lagaina grill. I'm also glad to hear you enjoyed the Feast at LeLe.

      2. Thanks so much for posting about your experience at Feast at Lele. We're headed to Maui the first week of November and trying to decide whether to book the Feast for one of our dinners, so your post was very helpful. Still not sure, though, whether to book the Feast or spend that money elsewhere. There are so many restaurants that offer nice views, if we're going to spend that much, I want to be blown away by the food! We ate at Pacific O numerous times during our previous visit to Maui two years ago, but weren't overly impressed with the food. The view, service and atmosphere, however, were lovely, both at lunch and dinner.