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Sep 18, 2009 01:45 PM

Best Salads in Paris?

Hi hounds,

My husband and I are looking to stagger our heavier restaurant visits with some salad lunches... When done well, I really enjoy a Nicoise, or a salad with duck gesiers. I've had some of the best salads of my life in France, so I'm always looking for ones with interesting ingredients. (The gesiers were pretty new to me, and I ended up loving them!)

Any suggestions of what to order where? I've heard lots about the Rose Bakeries, so I'll stop by...but I'm looking for other cafes/brasseries/restaurant suggestions.

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  1. As l make it myself, cannot recommend a restaurant that does it as well, but my absolute first meal in Paris always is salad friseè with coddled duck eggs, poitrine( almost my reason for spending so much time here) put on salad hot from pan just as served, homemade vinegarette, quartered kumatoes (small green tomato from Brittany sold at Place Aligrè) and small shavings of Dubois 4 year comtè. For me about as good as it gets

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      I agree that the Dubois 4 year old comte is fabulous. It's the best I've had in Paris (although I would love to have Bernard Anthony's comte to compare).

      1. re: Nancy S.

        Monsieur Antony's is generally older by a year or two, has a much thicker croute, thus more precious product is removed, and is simply wonderful. Used to be on my very favorite cheese short list, then about six years ago found Dubois. The extra aging makes the Antony a bit drier that on comparison is close but the Dubois is my OMG cheese. This year found 30 month comte at a great bargain, bought a huge chunk and was really loving it until compared it to Dubois, good but not Dubois. The price is a little lower this year due to the vat reduction, now 40€/kg. To repeat IMHO it is the bomb.

    2. I always worry when I see a "best" thread. Who really knows? Who has actually eaten a salad at every restaurant/cafe. Good salads are very common in Paris and are regular features of nearly all lunch menu's at restaurants or cafes.

      I believe the best advice is to search for a good restaurant which naturally uses top quality ingredients, the resulting salad will be good. Or choose a busy/popular cafe with a nice terrace and watch the world go by. The salad will be fine.

      I always like Le Les Philosophes in the Marais, or Le Nemrod near Bon Marche: I have no idea if they are "the best" in town but both good lunch spots when out shopping.

      1. I know full well what you mean, PhilD. After all I was the one who posted the "Guardian UK's List of Must-Haves" post...with the implication that such a list is pretty impossible. Perhaps I should've just titled my post as, "Paris Salad Recommendations." : )

        But Delucacheesemonger gave me just the sort of answer I was looking for...i.e., a specific salad that a particular chow hound loves, with his/her particular reason(s). Just reading it made my mouth-water.. I make very mediocre salads myself.

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          I also like Le Nemrod, for food and especially for a pre-dinner glass of wine. David Leibowitz on his blog has a wonderful description of a meal that he enjoyed there, which, if I remember correctly, included a very nice salad and lovely frites as well.

          1. re: Nancy S.

            I am with PhilD!!
            How should anyone know about 'the best' of whatever, unless he/she has tried all places??

            Personally, I like the salads at 'Le Tourville' (rather on the expensive side though), Place de l'Ecole Militaire, 7th arr. and at the Café de La Place, Place Edgar Quinet, 14th arr.
            Another place is the Brasserie Le Grand Corona at Place de l'Alma, 16th arr.
            (with a nice view too) and excellent salads.

          2. re: mtjandra38

            <I make very mediocre salads myself.> That is easy to change, if you want to do so! ;)