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Sep 18, 2009 12:56 PM

Restaurants in Monroe, New Jersey

Hi. My parents just moved to a community in Monroe, New Jersey and are looking for some restaurant recommendations. Italian, Chinese, Pizza (although we did like Bella Naploli's), sushi, basically everything. Any information on the area (best supermarkets, etc) would be great too. I appreciate the help!

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  1. I live near Monroe. I recommend Lobster Shanty in the southern part of monroe off route 33.

    I think the Stop and Shop on Perrinville Road has to be the best supermarket in the town.

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      Lobster shanty has been replaced, which is a good thing, for another bar/grill type. The parking lot is alway crowded, but haven't tried the place yet. There are two pizza restaurants I recommend. The first one is in Bocca's not sure about spelling. On route 537 in Freehold, next to the Raintree shopping center. Crispy crust, very good flavor. The next one is Solla Bella in Jackson. I'm from Brooklyn, can't compare, but very good. Enjoy.

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        The restaurant you are referring to on Rt 537 is called BACOS. It is worthwhile to drive from Monroe or any adjoining towns for GREAT PIZZA. Their salads are wonderful, as it most of the dishes they servce. They usually have about 20 varieties of Pizza. It is wonderful! And they are the nicest people. Nothing fancy but very clean and amiable. Best choice! In the same shopping center with Mazhu and La Piazza (more upscale). Very comfortable. Good choice!

        La Piazza
        150 7th St, Clifton, NJ 07011

    2. I am also from the Monroe area and I would have recommended Cranbery's Gourmet Shoppe for great sandwiches, but it burned down recently. It was probably very close to where your parents moved.....Sadly, I usually travel out of town in all directions to find what I would call a really good restaurant. Most of the stuff in Monroe is simple pizza/chinese, none of which is anything better than average, so I dont think you could go wrong with the nearest place to where your parents live.

      1. There's a very nice bakery in nearby Jamesburg called Mendokers. Good cakes and bread, especially the kaiser rolls and onion rye. Hope your parents enjoy the area.

        1. We pass the Lobster Shanty all the time. I'm going to see if they have a menu. We went to Shoprite which I believe is in cranberry. It was very big which I liked. I'll mention the stop and shop. I was hoping there would be a close trader joe's since they didn't have one in SI where they lived before but I think the nearest one is in Princeton.

          I will also check out the Gourmet Shoppe and the bakery! Thanks everyone for your help! Keep them coming if you can!

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            I have never eaten here but drive past it often and have heard good things...the name of the the place is ...Europa at Monroe, it's on Applegarth Road.

            Here is a link to their site.

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              A couple of months ago there was a note on Zagat saying that this restaurant was closed until further notice. Does anyone have additional information?

              1. re: ambrose

                Hmm? You're right, their phone # is not working. Between this place and Cranberry's burning down...Monroe is hurting in the "eating establishment options" department.

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                  I drive past it all the time. There is a "FOR RENT" sign on the lawn outside. I noticed for the past year, the business has been slowly declining. Some nights I would drive by, on a Thurs. or Friday around 7ish and there were maybe 8 cars in the lot. So I would definately say they are out of business.

              2. re: love2cookmb

                Many years ago, when my husband and I were much younger, we would occasionally go to the Hightstown Lobster Shanty for the "early bird" dinner. The food was decent and inexpensive. Most of the clientele were of retirement age, and we would kid each other that some day, those folks would be us. We stopped going there a long time ago.

                Well, "some day" has arrived, and we are those people. lol However, our palates have also matured, and I'm not sure we'd like the food now. Every once in a while, we pass by, and I comment to my husband that it might be interesting to try it again.

                Menus, including the early bird, are on the website, but no prices! Grrr...


              3. There's a place called Luchento's but I believe it's under new management or it is being redone. I wonder if it's any good.

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                1. re: love2cookmb

                  Europa is definately closed. The owner is now the manager at the Lakeside Tavern in Hightstown.

                  1. re: Nursemegg

                    Thanks, Nursemegg! He was a nice guy! What happened?? Never mind, dumb question..let me just put on CNBC.

                    1. re: Angelina

                      Jose, the nice guy who used to run Europa is now managing Salute Restaurant - 306 Gatzmer Avenue Jamesburg, NJ 08831 . I have not tried it yet, but am looking forward to it.

                      1. re: GetMeOutHere

                        Strangely enough, the website/URL for Salute Restaurant is:


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                    That place has not been good in ages, sadly. It is closed. New owners took over the lease, but closed for remodeling (so they say). They would give you a HUGE family style salad and great bread, and a ridiculous BIG HE-MAN style plate that would feed a family of 6! Then you get charged $ 30 - $ 45 per entree. I never really cared for the place. I really thought the old owners were very nice people, but not my cup of tea.

                    (Luchento's I am writing about.)

                    1. re: Angelina

                      Angelina that sounds like a lot of money. For that price I rather go to Maggiano's. You'd think that with all these 55+ communities going up everywhere that there would be more restaurants opening. Not everyone that age wants to go to a diner every day.

                      1. re: love2cookmb

                        Carlucci's in West WIndsor is pretty decent. Nothing that will knock your socks off, but my parents live near by there and like the place. BYOB. They do have some nice specials. It is close to Monroe, you can take that highway 133 to 571 and it is in the same shopping plaza as Mccaffery's Supermarket.



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                          I live in the area and sadly there isn't much. Maria's is good for fancy ambiance, just good authentic food.
                          It may actually be in Jamesburg.

                      2. re: Angelina

                        There was a "Lucento's Renovation Update" thread going at - the latest, after another few weeks of little to no activity, is that even more dumpsters are back and seems to be a lot of lumber stacked behind the building, as well. "Re-opening Summer 2009" on the sign was a bit optimistic apparently.

                        As for "$ 30 - $ 45 per entree" that's certainly not what I recall from occasional visits over the past 5 years or so (under both ownerships) - and their website backs that up. My "standard" - a huge (usually took home half for lunch the next day) serving of Linguini with White Clam Sauce is listed at $17.99. Even the more expensive steaks come in well under $45. Throw in the fact that it was a BYOB (so, a great and moderately priced beer selection since it was coming out of my own "dedicated beer fridge") and it was a relatively inexpensive restaurant in my opinion.