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Sep 18, 2009 12:32 PM

Build a meat curing box

I'm interested in building a small meat curing box to make salumis, bacon, etc. I've done some research and there are some pretty elaborate contraptions that people have concoted using old freezerless fridges. It appears that the most viable option for me (I live in an apartment) is to use a small wine fridge. Has anyone had any luck with this. What about using one of those small beverage fridges that we all had in college? Any ideas or website links would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. remember you need good airflow so need a fan inside. Also, need to control humidity and temperature.

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        1. I've seen some dry aging mini frig set-up using the tiny dorm frigs. I think it was linked to a thread on CH. Basically the person took a small frig and put a PC power supply with fan on it for circulation. Not sure what you'd need for curing but here's something:

          1. A wine fridge will maintain the temperature you want, but humidity control might be difficult. I made a curing box from a mini-fridge and a temperature controller bought from a brewing supply store, and none of the cheap humidity control tricks worked very well (salt, silica gel, antifreeze). But you live in the Bay Area, right? Mid fall through early summer is perfect salumi weather. In fact, even with the recent hot spell I had no trouble making a couple of slabs of pancetta (although I wouldn't try making something that required a long drying time, like salami, under those conditions). You can hang salumi in the kitchen (or any other room for that matter), away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

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              Some wine coolers have humidity control.